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We're talking about President Trump this week after his trip to the border, sat down in a town hall with Hannity with Governor Greg Abbott. Hannity says. Have you made up your mind? Mr President? Are you going to run again in 2024? President Trump says Yes, it doesn't indicate if he is going to run or not. So my question to all of you, 83333 Gorka will run through these phone calls. Doing a little pull here. Popular opinion. Do you want to see President Trump Run again? We'll start right at the top. Rick in Cleveland. Line one. You're on America. First. Jennifer Horn in for SEB, Gorka height. Hi, Jennifer. How you doing? Doing Well, thanks, Rick. What do you think? Well, I voted for him twice and I listened to Gorkha and I love listening. You Would not want to see him. I just think he he was the man for the hour. Yeah. Woke up America. I think the scene for the next presidential debate had to be wake up America. And I think he never I followed his career used to be the hotel this remember the days when he competed with Leona Helmsley. He doesn't know how the governor in a sense of, um he doesn't have that balance about. He doesn't know how to turn it off. He's always on Isn't that great? So you don't like that about him? And that's what I love about him. No, I love that about him. But he never can get to the balance to get other people along. I think what got him elected is what we've got him not elected. See, you know, Pantora would be a good option. Rick Santorum. Governor of Florida. Oh, Roger, Governor report to Rick. You got me a little nervous, and I was like Rick Santorum. Is that really your choice yet? Look, Roger Santa's, I think is a great governor. I think he's a young guy. He has history ahead of him. I think he could serve well as a vice president. President Trump I respect it. I respect what you say about President Trump not bringing people along with him. But I really do disagree with you. He he united the Republican Party so much so That at most points during his presidency in 95% of Republicans were behind him. That was his job. 83333 Gourgue Array and Livermore. You're on America. First Line number two. Hi, Ray. Hey, Jen. Welcome aboard. Thanks for filling in for the doc. Oh, my gosh. I love it. Are you kidding? It's always a pleasure to be here. Okay. I got two answers. And then I have a request. Okay? Yes. On trump. Yes, actually, yes. On Yes, on elder. Yes, that elder. And then my request is. Can you get Captain Kirk to endorse both of these guys? Ray. Do you know that? You know that I know William Shatner? Yes, That's why I'm asking, my dear. You're so cute. I don't know if he's interested in getting involved with politics, but I can always ask. How about that? Oh, it would be great if we got Captain Courage on board. We're winning. We're going to win. You know, It's very funny. My last dinner with William Shatner is very cute. He and thank you for the call Ray. He was very Inquisitive about my politics because I'm very you know, I'm out of the closet. I'm a conservative in California. There aren't all that many of us and so he loved asking me about where I get my news and how I come to these decisions. Very kind. It's very funny. All right, Judy in a well, I don't know where you are. Judy, Where are you? Lying? Number three is where you are. Where you calling from? I'm in Newport Beach, California one of my Southern California girls. What do you think? Judy? Are you going to vote for? President Trump in 2024? If he runs, you better believe it. You should be in office right now. I'm with you on that. All right. We're going to slide in Leslie in Texas. Line for your on America. First. Jennifer Horn in for SEB. Gorka. Hi, Leslie. Hi, Jennifer. Hey, Yeah, I would definitely support President President Trump. If he does run again. I really would kind of like to see some fresh folks in there. I would like to run the Santas. But I think he comes with a lot less baggage. I think the Democrats are going to come at Trump and they're going to stir up so much garbage again that the truth is going to be difficult to get out. But then again, whoever trump runs with I really hope he picks a good strong candidate because there's still one heartbeat away from being the president. Yeah, good candidate I think is important to be vice president. I've always liked the idea of Trump and De Santis running together..

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