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The big guys kind of going the way of the dodo football guys get smaller every position I think athleticism is at such a premium now that you're finding the guys it can't do more than one thing kinda out of a job unless they can do it extremely well right I think there's some truth to that I was actually thinking about Marty McSorley as as you're talking I don't know like if you get you know where he's where he belongs on the I'm not a big enough hockey fans to understand like how good you would be in today's NHL I mean I and I remember some of like the real big strong dude in the NBA that I watched growing up or or that you know I waited like bill Laimbeer and I'm aware which J. I you know what can be done to get rid of that a great basketball player I keep it's written read more Napol crew in baseball I think it's really interesting like power power is really out of premium the ability at the ball out of the ballpark the judges kind of like the guy that comes to mind immediately and they got on the map who can make the ball move who you know really dramatically or or got it up there really hard but I get the speed and the athleticism points and basketball football and hockey but I think this is a tag arguments in the Aaron judge I think that's a good example because not only is the guy that hit the ball a mile he's also really good athlete I mean he could also play really good right field so it's not like we always wanted as guys it's you know big to a ninety pound first baseman they.

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