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I hate the fact that the that the volunteerism in Florida seems to be. I don't want to say it's dying. I just it's not as widespread as it used to be nice. I hate that because America's founded on volunteer firefighters. Were you will together as one continuing to serve always brotherhood academy radio PODCASTS DRAIN OFF everybody. Welcome back to the Brotherhood Academy radio. Podcast I am Nick Hilton and I m your host for this full length episode. I'm here solo this week. Mostly because of the social distancing and all that good stuff but secondly I just got the studio setback up from when we're at the New England fools event finally got a set back up and I didn't really have a chance to schedule any guests or to get the other guys over here this week. Because I wasn't sure when I was going to get this whole thing. Set BACK UP. It takes a little bit of time In some testing and all that to make sure that the audio works the way it should be so but before I dive into the episode. Let me be sure to mention the D. T. F. F. Down to fight fire volunteer firefighters podcast as always and never forgotten. We mentioned them every single week. What a great group of guys these guys are and they are motivated to training. I think they're a little bit bombed. I believe they had to cancel their seminar that they do every year which is a big training exercise training event that they do and they're really proud of it. They had to cancel it because of this whole Cova Nineteen Corona virus thing which is unfortunate However these guys are good. Get on their podcast. Take a listen. The talking. A lot about Tactics a lot about calls that they go on a lot about the things that they do the A lot of stuff about stop the bleed. They love stop the bleed. That's like one of their favorite things was stopping bleeding and they talk with the Canadian accent. One of them were the British accent. And it's a good little group of guys so check them out. Police de tff. Volunteer Firefighters podcast. Etf stands for down to fight fire and they again friends. They are down to fight fire. All Right Go. Check those out Another thing I want to mention that if you have been interested in or you've signed up for any of the New England fools events that are coming up in the near future. Unfortunately they have been postponed for obvious reasons. Much like everything else. That's going on in this country. Everything's getting postpone but please keep an eye out for any rescheduling of their events. That are coming up. You can check them out on facebook. New England fools or any fools and they've got a website any fools dot org and Please check them out. Keep following them and you'll get updates on their classes so good stuff coming out of there and if you haven't checked out the fools anyway at all check them out please. And there's fools chapters all over the country in there isn't one in your area you can start one message. Rusty Ricker from the New England fools. He can coach. Ya Give you some ideas on how to start. A fool's chapter totally totally recommended. So how's everybody doing during all of this cove? Nineteen business the whole thing. It certainly new to all of us and I'm hoping it goes away soon but hearing it could last into summer I surely hope not but that's kind of the facebook post I saw today it. Just you know but you know how facebook can be half of its drew F. It's not so but spring is here and I hate being cooped up in the house at socks Although it has been nice to use some of the time to catch up on housework and organizing I burnt a big pile. My family and I burnt the big pile of stuff. We had stacked up outside. We did that yesterday. And that was a lot of fun My wife and I have cleaned up the office. We did that the other day and it gave me a lot more room for work for workspace since my new GIG allows me to work from home so So that's Nice I guess but anyway let's get into this week's topic. We talk a lot about leadership on this show. Right mostly because leaders say set the tone for the entire organization without good leaders. We will have a hard time having a strong motivated in Professional Fire Department. But where do good leaders come from? Where did they come from? I can tell you. They're not born as leaders. All right leaders are not born that way leaders or leadership is a skill that has to be learned right you have to acquire it and we learn it from experience from schooling and from mentors and by watching the before us by keeping an eye on our leaders right now and seeing how they do things and learning from them all right. That's just some of the many ways that we learn how to become leaders a lot of agencies though don't have a formal officer development program or a succession plan in place. And if you're one of these agencies I have put together an outline that will maybe maybe hopefully assist you with developing better officers and creating a plan for future leaders right so look none of us are going to be leading our departments forever. Eventually we'll be time to pass on the torch to the next one in line but we need to be sure they are prepared for that position. Correct right we don't want to set anyone up for failure because setting our future leaders up for failure ultimately set our departments future up for failure. There is much more to being a leader in the fire. Service than leading at an incident seen much much more. Don't misunderstand though what I'm saying. Of course. Obviously we all need to know how to lead on the fire scene right but we also need to know how to lead people. We need to understand human behavior. Okay but going back. Let's go back to the incident scene topic okay. So leading on the incident scene. We should also be learning how to manage a scene. Enrolls we have yet to do so as chiefs. We should be giving the line officers the chance to take on more responsibility in order to develop skills okay in order to make better officers better leaders. Succession Planning Okay. When it comes to managing budgets or purchasing and administrative type stuff we are grooming. Are Line officers for those kinds of responsibilities? I hope and if you're not why not okay. That's something we need to be doing. It's all part of again succession. Planning it's showing that our department will be left in good hands when it's time to retire so let's take a dive into the officer development and succession. Planning outlined that. I have put together. It's very basic list of objectives that you can take and you can customize for your own apartments okay look at this as an outline of objectives that each member must accomplish to either become an officer or to keep their current position. All right you can set the time requirements if any at all and when I say that is you know I recommend get all this done in a year. Okay get all these objectives onto you but it's up to you how you want to do it. But each member must complete each objective in order to personally develop as an officer and or a prospective officer. Right so let's dive in here. I have a list of objectives. I came up with nine of them. Okay and I think nine a good number and I think we can build upon it both go to objective number one objective. One is obtained a fire instructor one certificate. So this means encourage your current officers and your perspective officers and even yourself to get your instructor one certificate. I myself do not have it yet. But it is within the two year plan And I I will be getting that. Having this certificate will empower your members to then create their own training programs. That will benefit your apartment. But don't get me wrong. Anyone can teach we talk about this quite a bit. Anyone can train anyone that has strengths. In particular topics can pass those strengths down to other members but having the certificate will make it easier for your members to instruct official classes. Okay and that's where this ball gets rolling right. Instructing of official classes giving out official certificates having that instructors certificate will allow you to do that. We'll all your members to do that. Okay objective number one. Again obtain a fire instructor one certificate objective number to obtain fire officer. One and twos is difficult. It's right and courage and I would almost go ahead and say to require all of your fire officers to get their fire. Officer wanted to certificates. There's a lot to be learned in these classes. In most places you can obtain these two certificates in one class as I mentioned before Paul and I are taking a hybrid fire. Officer wanted to class right now and that's online so we think we meet halfway through it so. I think we meet like eighteen times and the rest of. It's all online right. It makes it way easier for Scheduling and whatnot but it was long overdue for us and we were realizing that. It's definitely something every fire officer should have and we need to step up and do that. So that's what we're doing now but don't just limit this also to just your your current officers again. This topic is about succession. Planning can officer Development Succession. Planning isn't just who's going to be the next fire chief. But it's also who's going to be the next June Lieutenant. Okay because there's always a constant move up. The should always be a constant move up all right so enroll your firefighters in these classes as well. The instructor class in the fire officer wanted to class right again. This is about succession planning okay. Objective to what that was that was obtaining a fire officer one and fire officer to certificate objective number three attend department hosted fire service leadership classes. We should be requiring our officers or suggesting however you WanNa do this whole little program of written out for you To be attending any sort of sort of fire service leadership class. And it's up to us chiefs or you chiefs 'cause I'm not achieve. It should be up to the chiefs to be looking for people to come in and to teach that kind of stuff to teach the Leadership traits in the leadership skills. Okay so a hand department hosted. That's the key word here department hosted at your own fire station. Fire Service leadership classes. The idea here is the host the class that your fire station and encouraging members to attend them right host leadership instructors and or those who have a leadership focused lecture and it can be fire service related or even slash personal development related. It doesn't have to be just fire service related right again. The idea here is to develop your people in two leaders has many ways to attack. This okay again. Not just fire department related topics. We had had a guest on here Chris Worthington on twice. That Guy's not a firefighter. But I can tell you what he's got some leadership traits. He's got some leadership advice. He's got some personal development advice and I'm not trying to. I'm not trying to sell him because I don't think he's traveling and doing any classes or anything like that. But people like him. All right people like Chris Worthington we had on a few episodes ago would be perfect to have India station To teach some of these things all right it's very important and another thing too military leaders. Okay how many How many members? How many of your members our military or a veteran okay? They may have connections with with some leaders from the military. They can come in physical fitness coaches. Okay it's as simple as it is. I mean they don't have to come in and teach you physical fitness. But that tell you what they can teach a discipline and self discipline right so something to think about. That's objective number three okay. Attend Department hosted fire service leadership. Classes require your perspective officers or your current officers to attend them but you again as chief need the host need host. You have to get somebody in the teach. These classes okay number. Four objective number four develop program or initiative four the fire department. Have your members encourage your member to develop some sort of program does adult developed and lead and take on some sort of initiative right in this objective. Your members should be encouraged to develop this program encouraged. Okay I put that word in there because a little bit of encouragement goes a long way. All right again you can do this. However you want you can make everyone of these objectives requirement. You have to get it done in a certain amount of time Blah Blah Blah. Okay but if you encourage if you use that word encourage your members are going to be more apt to want to do it okay. They're not going to feel like they're being forced to all right. And it's up to you as chief officers to set that example on right because watching you okay. But the skits them to make decisions and to be creative and to recruit help delegate. Okay that's what the chiefs need to start doing is delegating while. Also these line officers need to start learning how to delegate okay so some examples that I might throw out. There are things that require a committee. Okay so they can lead a committee maybe a driver Training Committee a fundraising for new piece of equipment type of committee. Start EXCITING. A physical fitness program. Things like that all right. Have your officers develop some sort of program? Okay that's GONNA give them those leadership skills that they need. It's going to develop them and when they create them from the ground up right they're going to develop many leadership skills and they're going to develop some ownership and some pride right because pride and ownership does what it creates empowerment pride in ownership create empowerment. That's what we want your winning killing two birds in one with one stone here okay. Objective number four was develop a program or an initiative for the Fire Department objective number five for your perspective officer or your officers looking to move up for your succession..

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