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Smart kids club right okay J. let us know your new smart kids club that moves you up lastly correctly a transition into I don't know what you can try I'm not a big deal you know former military families military special forces audit the mac engines the disrespect that he showed up the congressman in Miami you know after that that got killed over there next year you know I could never never recover from that that's any of your two disrespectful I mean that's that's all that's really good talking about that you're talking about the Congress woman woman could not come into one of where's the hat I can't remember her name yep her face is right in front of me but I I I I can go with that I can go but J. speaking of faces this is another tool that we re tweeted yesterday he retweeted comment he has a picture of a Stacey Abrams and Nancy Pelosi it says friendly reminder if you stay home in November and don't get every person you know voting for Donald J. trump these three will be in line of succession in America the three Stooges on steroids steroids that's not the one here's a one anyone know what's going on with poly grip I've noticed lately that her face speaking of Nancy Pelosi seems glossy she's escorting a poorly marked second am I wrong I'm thinking it's an extreme case of a curable TDS right so they charge with this now though I'm not out okay let me admit all right sorry so yes there is something that he says that we can we can honestly say a bad okay but this is a woman a call to Moby's just a couple days ago but J. J. let me ask you go to church all I do but I don't go to ours in America like elevation you know that's what we do we have any questions please visit you want black to charge version okay here's a question all right here's a question what does your church have refreshments or dinner after church I love the ticket and for a little what what are your questions a dinner we don't talk about it when I grew up in we have done all right over I'm a talk about elevation that you go to crystal play that one elevation now yeah French Quarter little little squares of town K. as for your service and thank you for calling this is coming up Stephen stay right there and get your comments coming.

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