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To killing people. That's that's your lane. That's what you guys do okay. But when it comes to having an opinion about this Whatever happened to this whole government of the people thing you know. Oh all the sudden people. Your opinion doesn't really matter because this person has served more than you have by the way if you wanna even like i was saying before. This logic is ridiculous. The idea that somebody can't have an opinion on something because they've never been a part of it. I mean it's it's so absurd. It's like you know i really. I think the crips are a really brutal gang in their killing. All these people well. Have you ever been okay. Well until well. I've been equipped for ten years. So let me tell you something. You've you have zero days of being a gang banger. So you're going to criticize gang bangers now okay whose opinion is really worth more here. And so it's it's just like i don't know what to say the most idiotic logic you could imagine three days earlier. This guy was at a meeting going. Wait a second. you're putting pregnant bitches up in my airplanes. Well that's the funny thing about all these fucking these guys like all of these you know like the raytheon and the pentagon and the cia pretending. They're woke. These are the most like fucking chauvinistic organizations imaginable By the way the military You know for all the they can come down. Carlson for sensitive comments here the military's gotta pretty big rape problem by the way that never really came up in the whole metoo movement or any of that shit but oh yeah they'll get a huge fucking rate problem. Go look at the number of women who report being sexually assaulted during their service in the military. Oh yeah and what do they do with them. What do they do with them when they come forward. Oh well you gotta go bring that you know. You can't bring that to a court. That bill that al franken was trying to push failed. No you gotta bring that to your Direct superior. Even if he is the one who did it is still gotta bring it on over to him but yeah no no no. It's all about woke shirt and inclusivity and all this bullshit but anyway so but even if you wanted to go by their dumb ass argument that well. I want to listen to people who have actually served. Those are the opinions that matter. That are more important okay. What percentage of active duty military want us to pull out of iraq. What percentage of them wanted to afghanistan. Oh yes super majorities. But of course that that opinion it never gets applied to that. You know what i mean like. That never never goes like. Oh you know In two thousand twelve the active duty military gave more money to ron paul than every other republican candidate combined when the opinion of the military people who have actually served doesn't favor the military industrial complex. Then we don't really have to focus on on their opinion too much then. Then then this whole argument goes out the window Anyway let's play some more from the person with more experience than us combat operations at sea and in garrison and so he was talking specifically about pregnant women in the armed forces today and how it makes us less less lethal and less fit and less ready. Let me tell you where he's wrong. Those decisions were made by medical professionals by commanders in our civilian leadership that allows for women to have more time with their children to recuperate to get fit and ready to take that time. That's necessary our medical professionals know is needed actually makes us a more lethal and ready and fifth force ready to fight the wars of today in the wars of tomorrow the bottom line is that we value women in our in our armed forces. We value the those that have served in the past. We value those that have served today. We value our families in the military. I want to say. God bless everyone that is serving today. God bless the women that are serving today. God bless the men and women that are serving. Today god bless our country our partners and our allies. Let's get back to work. Let's remember that those opinions were made by an individual who has never served a day in his life. Let's remember at all about drama. Tv god bless america. Semper fidelis so i. I will say i think aside from just being stupid. But what's really chilling is just how wildly inappropriate it is for a representative of the marines to come out and just say oh by the way this this opinion that a political commentator gave is a bad opinion. It doesn't it doesn't count because he hasn't had service and that's just bullshit drama tv okay. It's not exactly them coming out and like saying you don't have a right to to say that but it's it. It seems like something out of an authoritarian regime. You know because we kind of are one. Hey.

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