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Interesting year. And it'll be something to look forward to over the summer. Very much so. Very, very much so. And the final race we're going to talk about is the Derby trial in Ireland. It used to be the Darren stone star Derby trial. It's a little bit worrying that a race of this prestige doesn't have a sponsor, but anyway, the Derby trial goes to Jessica Harrington's beats up and under. So the form looks good because he had won the bally Sachs or what used to be the ballet sacks on his apologies. He was placed in that. His second in the belly sacks. And you've got a group on winning two year old and proud and regal back in third. Jessica is obviously had some tough battles personally in recent times and it's great to see her doing so well. But it's also fantastic. So you're doing so well on the track and they've got a right one for epson with this fellow. Yeah, it's been traditionally it's been a very solid yard stick as a trial for nips and Jeremy and he looked and impressive for us today. The only thing they say is he's never hasn't ran on good ground yet as he has been always with an easing of the children bother him and he looks to be an improving horse. So it would be great to see great to see Jessica Barrington of modern great to see you have a bit of a more real chance. The second horse open under, he came home well and you could imagine him going for the Irish therapy wouldn't you? Yeah. What's the best name of the country and I was here? I hope you are trying to mind a handicap. If that fella appears in someone's list of dark horses to follow, it's like there's a spoofer if you've ever seen one. Because yeah, he's an absolute solid moral to God when he's doing his maiden. John Joseph Murphy must be loving life with white perch. I don't know what the reason was for him not turning off, but they can be pretty excited about him. I know he's in the Dante. Maybe they're going to run them there. But it's a significant boost to his form. Yeah, I'd imagine that. Yeah, so it's great to see different stables having contenders. It makes it more interesting. It's great to see Jessica and shaman John work be having courses that can go with the look forward to one of the two therapies, if not both of the derbies with a realistic chance of winning. It will be interesting. It very much so I said this a couple of weeks ago on the show, I don't think that Darren stone is the trial it was for bally Doyle anymore. And I kind of mentioned it earlier on the show as well. I think ever since Kieran Fallon came in, Aiden's mindset was turned to focusing the preps for horses instead of the old days of Galileo high Chaparral and yeats who was favorite for the Derby and had won the belly sacks and the berenstein and then was a very late withdrawal from epsom since those days and Kieran Fallon's involvement. They've become much more focused on Chester, the 2000 guineas and link field. And I think they're the key trials. That's where you'll see the bally dog horses emerge, which is probably a good thing, because the horses they run today were pretty underwhelming. I thought londoner would really step forward from his run in France. He's run okay, but he's been blown away really by just going to tourists and his son Joseph's and Tower of London didn't come forward at all from last season. Yeah. So yeah, I know they have as you said being sending their better hopes now towards Chester. The declaration. So I suppose they kind of think if they can act around Chester than the actor and episode, isn't it?

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