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What's what's up. I think it's <hes> you know what that's probably the first piece of evidence for people who believe that there's an east east coast bias in sports coverage in fact yeah. That's a good point yeah. The east new york would dominate both of those yeah that's right and then there's there's always goes of you. Go west like none of you. Starting then you to go south you go south or north either one but you can't let west is always the last one yeah. I think it probably has to do with star times. A games is that fair. I mean no. It's not that it's not fair but like when we think about the n._f._l. Divisions is very specific. No one's decreed this but it's just how things happen. I don't think it's got to start times again. We can't be discussing like teams records records or anything but that's the way that people think i laid it out. Did you see i tweeted. <hes> a few days back i throughout my i was gonna say rival running in and i was just like i don't know how to put this into woods. I like that but did you see my my regional rivals layout. I thought it would be a fun thing if we did that. It would be this if you did n._f._c. A._f._c. rivalry week dallas in houston would play the case oboe philly pittsburgh would play the steagall while they teamed up famously nestle in w._w. Two and became the struggles for i think three years two years atlanta and jacksonville off of the they're junior varsity georgia and florida playing every year the outdoor cocktail tampa and miami would be the orange herbal detroit and cleveland the russ ball the rust ball washington and baltimore the beltway bowl rams and chargers the hollywood bowl giants jets the apple bowl raiders and niners bread bowl bears colts the i sixty thirty five bowl the saints in and titans the s._e._c. bowl obviously that part of the world carolina and casey the barbecue ball but then you kind of run out of steam a little bit but still i think that would be grant. Can you talk to the commission about that. One shoshu will you because i think that would really be fun all right handsome. Sorry i took off topic. The what was your question. Oh yeah my teams. The miami dolphins would not make it in the a._f._c. East <hes> <hes> the bengals. I think you said it max out x. In the north rather the jags in the south correct the rate is in the west and others who did i have you had the box to the dolphins the dolphins you said worst n._f._l. Box cardinals bangles redskins skins in jaguars but then i then i went beyond that i think off to that. I think i said then one for every division gone injuries <hes> with deification. Okay rabies always right rabi. Rabi keeps track of it. Maybe rabi rabies has all mind apart from that one time where i had to call them out for getting oh my picks. The actually has an updated because shock. You added the lines right or am i wrong. I have not added the line. You added some of the jaguars one more team. Oh i did add another one. You got to get a second one. Oh all right well. I'm going to go through some right now for you. Ready yeah i could. I could track it down. We're ready. Let's hear it and spaghetti went extre bolt. He did thirteen come anywhere i would what would be what should be his prized be if he gets. Even the double digits with that was that just tell you what i mean. It's there's no chance you can get the double digit. We've delivered some confetti into the studio. I think throwing confetti onto the control is out. There would appropriately bring the whole studio to his knees..

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