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We continue Greg Jarrett. John Solomon, John just went through a litany Greg of what is to come with the time, we have left. What does that mean for the names that we have all all of us, and so many others? I don't wanna list everybody's name. Oh, forget someone. What does it mean for the people that abused power and more corrupt at the highest levels of the DOJ and the FBI? And now, we're learning the Lisa page testimony shows, Loretta Lynch, and maybe Obama in some way. What did he know? What was he informed double? And when did he know it where is this going to go? Well, it means trouble with a capital T for those people at the FBI and the department of Justice who were involved in a cesspool of corruption. And I was glad John Solomon just mentioned his reporting has been so instrumental. But that that Lisa page reveal that it was all a political calculation. She was pressed what's the insurance policy? He said well. I don't really remember that. But then she went on to explain that. It was a political calculation that we're going to assume Trump doesn't get elected president. But our insurance policy will be this hopes of collusion. And if he wins will go after and with a vengeance. And that happened and John your take on that. Yeah. He's exactly right. It is a hoax, and they know it's a hoax, and they're only going to execute the hoax of Donald Trump wins the presidency. It's extraordinary and the how we're gonna know how big a hosts it was beyond all the great reporting. And Greg's book about all the things that other people have reported when we see how much evidence the F guy had that showed what they were pursuing was wrong headed that the that that Carter page, and we know they were warned. All right. I gotta let you both go great work all of you. It's been two years. We're getting to the finish line. I can see the landing strip incite eight hundred nine four one Sean toll-free telephone number. You wanna be a part of the program. Bill O'Reilly is next all of this will be covered tonight nine eastern on Hannity and much more busy news day. Busy. Newsnight will continue. And now a message from vistaprint. This is a cow the cow that made the milk that.

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