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And isn't this what we strive to do with our children or grandchildren to to have them be stand up people, and this is the role model come on. So he should have done that the Monday come out make that statement publicly. And I wouldn't have finished it for saints fans because they'll never get over it not until their dying day. They will never get over this. But at least that would have been something that he would have handled before him having to address those questions next week. I'm sure you'll be peppered about it. Does thing too is if you think they bring out all these old sages that have covered the league fall? These years about how this will dramatically change, the NFL NFL and dramatically change in for this. We've already heard from John Elway from Stephen Jones from Mitch rich McKay. Head of the competition committee, saying, you know, basically, you know, it was a mistake on referees sport that you know, they like instant replay the way they have it and they don't wanna lengthen the game. So if you think anything dramatically will change because it is not gonna happen. We're talking to Mike to tell ya on the shell Pennzoil performance line up. Now, he has five rightfully so. I think we expected that. That's why we call them. You get a follow him on Twitter at Mike deteriora-. So I I want to go back to what you're saying. Because if Roger comes out on Monday the day after the game and says, all right? You know, what we blew it? But we're not going to replay the end of the game. The game is with the game is is is this roar really over at this point. Nobody down here me. I it wouldn't have it wouldn't have settled that part. But I think what it would have shown at least he's sort of is is reaching out and saying, hey, it was a mistake we admit it. And that's that. And we just have accept accepted. It's human error is like a guy throwing a miss passed. A fumble an interception a penalty on you know, play. Like we saw in Kansas City. You know, d Ford lines up offsides on a play and how crucial that was to admit that you made a mistake here. Again. This is part of you being a leader. And I think people down here would've accepted that part, but they would never forgive the play. But I think the furrow as the week has grown on has turned away from officiating and turn more towards the Commissioner for not addressing this at all. And he can call the the head coach and he can call MRs Benson. But that's not really addressing the NFL nation that really should have been addressed on this the Monday right afterwards. Because that's what a leader does. In essence, he has shown in the past. He kinda tipped his hand. I knew it right off the bat. He was never going to do that. That's not what he's done in the past. And that's not what he's going to do in the future. He Mike here in Chicago. I'm actually not in Chicago right now. But my hometown of Chicago, we reacted to Cody Parke's rice, the double d link with a little Cody parkey challenge that a beer company through on. I did see some saints fans. Bought some billboards in Atlanta, and I'm wondering if there was anything else going on around New Orleans that. You know, was kind of a reaction to this any contests then he'd drink deals anything else like that. So I want to be in the billboard business anything that happens negative down here man, people by billboards all if it's in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Atlanta, you name it. I want to be in that business 'cause I'm gonna tell you one thing we make a heck of a lot of money doing that one of the things that has spurred on 'cause I've talked to a number of people involved with different Mardi Gra Cruz that you will see the outrage camonte grow time as they are fixing floats, and that sense to try to you know, just trying to human things and the one thing about down here is they never forget. But they sort of sort of move on because that's another party down the road. And I think it'll be heavily themed Tamada grow on referees. And Roger Goodell that moment changed mardi gras twenty nineteen for everyone..

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