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Into the ring about page on the closed down and business. I heard somebody say oh buffets are done for now. There's certain states their reopening even in vegas spoon in the cosmopolitan reopening. You single serve place. But it's still you're still gonna get real fat and they've always done that. They've always had like their stuff. At least in single serve like wings there comes like a little mini fryer basket. I'll find annoying because always get a plate. And then i take the little plate i just. I lead the little plate right by the food. Yeah that's all right. I mean you gotta be able to pile right. It's that guy that's one of a buffet. Doing nine plates back to my taylor. One plane at a time. No no no nominees. Freak of the week yeah luscious ladies going to be nominee number one. That's crazy ad where the guys take a firefighter. And he'll trade you his wife with with the big o's or will be the the lesbian feeders nominee number two. Greg gory top. Now's teetering is really tough. I think i'll go number one only because this the specificity about a firefighter why not just random guy. Calendar bags firefighter kind of like a like a made schoolgirl or one of those things. I'll vote number one all right What about you rave. I'm go number one. Because in the first sentence he calls are an athlete. Okay bodybuilder about you. Menace number one as well because related the writing. Yes he relates to a camera number one number one sea bass talk food. I'll other number two obviously voters. I don't want them appeal. Yeah they'll feel real bad. yeah. I wanted to vote for a number two as well. Just dude lamb. Is that the first of all. Just like why. And weird the second one just gross. It is definitely Maybe what he's as feeder. Ou will see nausea medicines. She's definitely feeder. Oh yes she. We had a delicious meal last night. We had some chicken parm and and some noodles and earlier that day. We had burritos and chips. She made it all delicious by the way. He's still rides his bike. I remember bikes. You have to ride for one hundred miles. Don't shame me i'm trying. Thank you get one hundred miles to ride crack at least a mile elbert. Yeah i could see madison wi fi like do you want noodles by what's up baby. More butter has talked about his wife buying triggers for him like as and stuff like that good. She turned the corner on. That left me and my own device. Yeah i read to break. We'll come back. Got a redneck news. That's coming up for you next year. The show but a little extra effort. I think we can likability right back crazy. A woman frantically called nine one one. After she watched her colleague get attacked or alta. Dena home during a zoom call. Police rushed to the house. Found a man's body in the driveway and then inside the house. The colleagues body both had been stabbed to death. The victims were brother and sister both in their sixties and while police were on the scene going over evidence a man showed up claiming he lived there. He was driving a car that belonged to the victims so he was arrested on the spot and charged with two counts of murder. But there's still no official word on what relationship he has with. Those victims mentioned the psychological trauma of seeing somebody attacked on zoom in better news. Looks like la county could be hitting the less restrictive orange tier by early april. We're talking next week. That would allow for higher capacity at a lot of businesses are covid nineteen case. Continue to fall. We now have an average rate of three point seven cases per one hundred thousand residents as we learned yesterday is because the vaccines are working right. Interesting right surprised that we could be out of the red into the orange within a week or so but la has to meet orange tier criteria for two consecutive weeks to stay in the orange tier and if we do capacity would go from twenty five percent to fifty percent at movie theaters churches museums zoos and most importantly at restaurants so every update. This happens messages on our social media constantly so when is the takeover okay. Why the date. You're trying to tell you there was a There was a phone call on monday and We are targeting fall so that like i think like september october somewhere like ended september early. October somewhere around there is we're targeting for the takeover and wanted to be where you know things are really opened up and we do more because we have a lot of people that won tickets. Yeah and that'll housing. And you can have like a fifteen percent or twenty percent. Whatever it is occupancy your social media it's happening if you one passes for the takeover for our disney takeover. You will be going. We won't ask again when it is in everyone's excited i'm excited for me to and you're out. There was a there was a call on monday. It's happening good good. Talk to the people holler at boy. We should talk info. Woody show seeing video of a couple of grannies all right who decided to race each other on scooter unreservedly. The grass softened. The ball was like it's one of them dead. Both face planted six seconds into it. They got me thinking. Remember now there is that video that Everybody thought was funny and then they made them take down. Yeah the bird scooter. And he was trying to hotdog and in the show off because he's an old guy eight it That's not appropriate for the guy was hot dogging. Yeah he was like trying to be a one handed going full power guy. Make fun of them. I wonder how you'd better see it before it goes away right well. Maybe you weren't allowed to make fun of that old lady in the helicopter rescue.

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