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To the drawings of the whiskers moving based on emotion clenching the whiskers go back when you're feeling pleasure and they go forward with their feeling pay as well so I mean the the. This looks a lot about the ears also. Yeah yeah the years are moving a great deal but we all knew that we always knew that ears means alertness. Probably fear right. Yeah we've always on this. Yeah look at that and look. Oh Oh oh look at this last this last one yet with the joy and it's got the little th- Oh and shows the arrows shows where things go you see. Choi on here is joy if you go to the third of the if you click underneath it's the third one and it's got arrows. Aware things are going. Oh is it but convulsing that's interesting so it says here. In this article the main benefit of discovery of mouse facial expressions is that it is now possible to identify mechanisms giving rise to emotions. This is previously a problem without the reliable measurements of emotions. It's been difficult to study that origins in the brain we. Humans says Dole Snack. Who's the study's lead author? We humans made notice a simple facial change in the mice but we can only recognize the emotion behind it with a great deal of experience and can hardly evidence of innocence determine its intensity with our ultimatum face recognition system we can now measure the intensity nature of emotion on a time scale of milliseconds. Compare it to the neuronal activity and relevant brain areas. One such brain area is the insular cortex which is associated with emotional behavior and the perception of emotions in animals and humans. So so I guess they can. They can use this to in various ways simultaneously study which neurons firing in the brain at the same time. As you're looking at a mouse's face and detecting whether it is tasting something unpleasant or pleasant and scared or not scared so if I can get one of these machines does it mean. I can in an appreciable way improve my relationship with my mouth. Yeah I think so. I think you can really make some breakthroughs. It's good I feel like he's been distant. Tell you this. I don't think you need this stupid machine. I think you could tell your mouth. Fields of basic instinct basic. Yeah the Nice always made it. I mean I don't know that when you had mice couldn't you tell when the mice mouse like sometimes to be affectionate sometimes whether it was like you could tell? I don't think I don't think I was a good mouse owner. I'm going to be honest with you. Danny I don't think I did enough petting all playing with this mouse to be able to. I remember my playing identify a range of emotions. Well my friend Lily in had a pet rat or mouse. I'm trying to remember witch for forever and that but that thing was like trained very they were they were buddies and then my friend is a Kid. Chinchilla and I think a bunch had mice. I felt like they had like you know personalities. You did have pets yourself. Danny or did you have. We had we had a little. Noah's Ark going. We always have to of everything so we had like two dogs. Two cats two birds We had a tortoise. Lived for like forever We Tortoise what else we just roll around the back yard or was it. An indoor tortoise or hunted work So it was my dad. I mean he's back in the day before nine eleven. He was in up in Virginia. He he went to California for something somebody who was like. Oh do you want this baby tortoise and so he literally said like he slipped it in his pocket took it on a plane and brought it back to us and then this tortoise grew to be like massive huge tortoise. Go through like a head of lettuce a day. Maybe two huge tortoise and so during the winter it hibernates so during the winter we would bring it inside and it would live in. It's a little thing and like Kinda come out but for the most part just like sleeping. It's little area but then during the Spring and summer my dad built like a little pen for it and it would it would roam around and it's a little pen outside curious. The person who gave this to your dad was he an old Asian gentleman and a Curio Shop. Did it come with any stipulations? About how be honest? It's one of these stories. Where like you know. It's a kid you dad like shows up. And he's like he's like. I snuck this tortoise on a plane. Toya's you're like all right and the you get the more you're like what happened. What what what do bats poker game but we loved? The Tortoise Tortoise was great and it was very sweet and you could pet it it would let you It would let you like new. It would let you pet under its Chin like stick its head out. They don't ever bite but they're not snapping anyway that they don't get agitated or rating up. I I mean it'll do. It's little tortoise. Hiding thing and it bites eats lettuce and we eat lettuce really snaps down but it was very sweet towards asked me. We were its owner. Siedle loved us. Our neighbors our next door neighbors. When I was a kid had a pet tortoise that would escape with alarming regularity. Well I didn't WanNA is so famously. Slow moving the number of times we get a ring on the doorbell and go like is he in the garden. Izzy annual garden. Now well I I'll tell you. I didn't want mentioned as part of the story but Maggie. The Tortoise Ran Away Maggie. We never found her. She got out of the penguins. Could we could have. We searched the. We'd like acres woods behind my house and we like search the woods. We couldn't find her. She's out and we made. This is live for a long time. Maggie could still the out that very happily roaming the woods of Virginia. She for sure. Isn't she know? Survival instincts. Hibernation works in the wild. Gosh I think she's probably very very dead. We were really hoping I think we were gonNA donate her to zoo at some point because she was getting so big we were like we can't take care of this thing really if you buy something that has a longer life span than you. You're you're just burdening your descendants at a certain point you know side. Have you seen tiger king at this point by the way we I? I'm only halfway through it right now. I've watched I've watched all of it. I watching on Netflix Party. Which if you haven't tried that yet as a reasonably decent plugging browser plug in that. Lets you coordinate? Watching things on Netflix with friends So I'm currently watching it with amongst others friends of the show ceremony nick..

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