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And have the unique distinction of being twice removed from that court for ethical violations uh in in in any case ah my client beverley nelson young nelson uh came forward because she thought it was important share what she alleges were her experiences with this two more when sues she was fifteen and sixteen years old she has with few exceptions kept it secret for more than forty years except that she did disclose what she alleges occurred with mr more to some close family members and but she didn't because she was in fear of his to more the power that he had disclose it uh to others other than family members but now she's broken her silence and uh she gave me and uh this are permission permission to speak your family members which we did including her sister whom she told uh two years after the alleged incident her mom who has said that she completely believes her daughter and that her daughter would tell the truth even if it hurts um and uh and others so here's the really big point we wanna make which is we have volunteered to have beverley testify under oath to the statement she made at the press conference on monday uh to the united states senate judiciary committee and we want them to hold a public hearing as soon as possible uh within the next two weeks and then show answer any questions voluntarily under oath at the senators have for her that might be relevant to her allegations against mr bore and we would like am to subpoena boy more to the committee and have him answer questions uh under oath if he wants to deny it let them do so under cross examination by the senators and under oath so yesterday i did send a letter i email it to the united states senate judiciary committee the and also to the us senate select committee on ethics asking them to hold the hearings so were we are awaiting their response and.

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