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S. C. fifty six twenty four to one Johnson three TD receptions Notre Dame trail Virginia Tech by six late in the fourth when you book came to the rescue and self banned book is if the shock on bald middle of the field looking to the side window which drops back to keep himself Notre Dame radio network extra point was good book also froze for two scores the Irish rally past the Hokies twenty one twenty offer enough to get by Ole miss twenty fourteen Cincinnati survives get these Carolina forty six forty three Memphis hand that's the mu their first loss fifty four forty eight in the state hammer Kansas thirty eight ten Wake Forest all over NC state forty four ten NFL news the patriots reportedly activating first round pick wide out to kill Harry off by our he's eligible to play Sunday night against the ravens the Steelers of way veteran wideout Donte Moncrief NBA scoreboard thunder took down the pelicans one fifty one all for not get got past the magic ninety one eighty seven pistons over that's one thirteen one oh nine Andre Drummond twenty five points twenty rebounds Irving is third career triple double in the Los Bucks beat the raptors one fifty well five thirty six points fifteen boards for Yanis the walls cross the wizards one thirty one one oh nine sons one fourteen griz won all five born it's really past the warriors ninety three eighty seven the Sixers game from ten down the fourth the beat the Blazers one twenty nine one twenty eight baseball news Yankees closer role this Chapman has reportedly reached a new deal with the team and will not opt out of his contract an extra year of eighteen million added to the two years of thirty million remaining on his current deal World Series MVP Stephen Strasberg is reportedly opting out of his contract with the nationals UFC Jorge Masvidal defeats Nate Diaz by third round TKO stopped.

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