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Appreciate spending some time. Hope you got a great weekend planned is now we're going to see some bars that serve food. I think the one question I wish that I had asked Dr Chris when we had her on the show, Dr Cara Christen the Arizona Department Health Services. We talked with her on Wednesday. And I didn't ask for this And I really wish I would have In the minds of the people that create the protocol in the standards. What's the difference between a bar that serves some food and a bar that doesn't serve any food? Why is one more dangerous than the other? When it comes to Cove? It I'm just curious What the differentiation is. What? Because not everybody that goes to a bar that serves food is going to get food. Then how does getting food Stop you from spreading covert 19. And if eating stops you from spreading covert 19. Based on what people have been doing during the lock down. You think it'd be cured by now? So I'm just curious if there isn't what the big difference is. So this weekend, we're going to see some changes, possibly schools next weekend. The numbers that came in overnight there was just, you know, obviously a reinforcement of a lot of different things A little over 5% positive rate, which is a very good number. Still below that 6%. It needs to be below 7%. All those numbers are very, very good for what the total will be next week as we try to enter the next phase of opening schools. But people under the age of 20 again are really not at risk in this we had of the 24,754 cases. People under the age of 20 less than 1000, actually less than 850 have gone to the hospital at all, and only 12 deaths in that demographic since the beginning of Cove in coverage. How many people have died from pneumonia or the flu. In that age group. So we're seeing that it's not life threatening to young people again, reinforcing what we should be able to do with this with demographics and co morbidity ease as opposed to these blankets, shutdowns, and I just wonder if part of the reason why we aren't why they're doing blanket shutdowns is you would have a tougher time constitutionally doing a shutdown based on age If you said Okay, Here's the deal No. One under the age No. One over the age of 65 is allowed to go into a bar. How do you enforce that? Checking ID. Imagine being too old to.

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