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It's been really cool to listen to. It's also to me. Very. Great to see Bruce Still being engaged in social justice. I've lost. There've been musicians who in moments of great national trial haven't said anything aglow lot of respect for them, so I'm glad I don't lose respect for Bruce. Hello, everyone and welcome to a new episode of settlers, Bruce, your podcast all about Bruce springsteen his music, and mostly as fans. I am your host Jesse Jackson, but tonight we're not talking Bruce and Linda. My wife is like. What's his got to do with? Bruce has nothing to do with Bruce Excuse for me to talk to Bella so high Bella. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having me back, Jesse I'm very excited. Yes, so in case this is someone I episode Total Garage Yourself. So my name is Bella I am a law student in Brooklyn New York. My Third Year of law school. Prior to that I worked in New York politics, and then I got tired of working in politics. I'm interested in making a career in reproductive rights, but specifically pro an abortion law. And other than that. I have a blog where I talk about. Politics, but mainly it's mostly been weird less. That's good. So I sent you by the way Bella has been on the show multiple times. She is a member of my rock and roll of by set. Listen Bruce Hall of fame because she's been on multiple times just truly one of my favorite people, so we're catching up a little bit, and then we're GonNa get to our topic, but I I sent you a link. Right that this lady who's going to be on the show and it was funny. I told Lyndon Chris I said I I may have found the perfect podcast guest. Like what do you mean I said well this. Singer songwriter does a Harry Potter Kinda. punk band Talk in the Oreos. And then she's written. A song called Mr Springsteen. and. She did a whole ep of West Wing theme songs. Linda said yes. That is pretty close to hitting all your niches. PODCAST guest made in a lab. She's not a doctor who fan, but. Yeah, it was Hilarious, and so I actually went to either spotify or band camp and I listen to the EP and and there were you know I serve at the pleasure of the president is when the lyrics talk about an I'm Elliot Bartlett. and. I didn't want to be like my dad. I wanted to be a doctor like my mom, and it's just so much fun so I'm excited about having her. I go I'm going to go and listen to that as soon as I didn't chance when you send it to me, but I'm GonNa, go also. have. To listen to our Harry Potter stuff, too, because I have seen several of those Harry Potter themed bands in Concert Now and they're pretty good. They are could be a lot of fun so and. I just recently to someone I was talking to on. socially through twitter I can't remember wench. Anyway. Someone was had made the point that they were They were her. Her Bio said I'm I'm black and I'm queer. And she was proud of it and I said Oh. I here's a podcast her. My good friend Bella picked Bruce springsteen's gays songs. You're. Never you tagging me, not like yes. Yes we have to. so you're staying safe and staying safe, so Kobe is starting to slow down a little league New York. I, think yesterday was the first day we were down to under a thousand hospitalizations. Yet, so we're not so much in Texas know you. Guys are rampant back up. Which is why New York is opening I thought. It was opening slowly, but we're already faced, too. Fast but now. Doubt the governor, and then it looks like according to an elected official very cool and also a former pumped musician. Looks like we're GONNA be in three by July six. Th and I think these three means in person shopping. Could very nice very nice. That was the first thing we did when we opened up. Is I did go to A. Great clips or something I, said now. I kept my mask on the whole time. They kept their masks the whole. Don and we got my haircut, so that's good. Oh, I, think. I'M GONNA. Be going out with a mask on until. Before, we we are going to get to our topic, but Have you been listening to Bruce's DJ sessions? I listened to be clip of the most recent one we're now. We're recording on June twenty fifth Be One where he urged the president to put on a mask. VS language I know Southgate media is a family hot gaseous. Yes, we are! I listened to that and I listened to think he did one that was racial justice focused buzzing area focus he did. you know some of the songs? He picked his strange fruit and the the Paul Robinson the The Nation I live in the I live in. I can't remember the title. is very strong, but. I. I talked to. Ron Mart Sousa comic writer and he was talking about. He wasn't surprised at all that as Bruce Stare storyteller that he could use that medium to share his words pick songs in to expressing motion insure a story. He said I'm not surprised though I, I am admire the fact the way he's been able to do this. It's been really cool to listen to, and it's also to.

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