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League. And now they've got a real shot at winning then central vision. Past forty even just a little bit of February jet-set sixty the predators had sixty six points blues had forty nine hundred as they come again. Here's a shot saved me by robot. Our look behind the mill a little bit of Milwaukee balances rhino rally only gets the puck back. Riley nearside circle backhand, try my made by our views me in his breadbasket and the face Alvidi his left and the pressure continues to come from the Saint Louis blues. Eight shots on goal now. Two zero eleven twenty eight to go in our first period with the sort of finish up that thought here forty nine points for the blues on February first today. Winnipeg ninety four Nashville ninety four the blues ninety two it's almost fifty point swing, and we'll and the thing about it is Saint Louis is going up and Nashville Winnipeg are coming right back down to earth. Winnipeg. She's on this night. It will be in Minnesota on Tuesday, Pepsi center. The last home game the avalanche on Thursday nights. Winnipeg Jets, incidentally, might be the ads retriever in the push to the playoffs and play at Arizona as well. Two gonna shove their seats. And Winnipeg is really struggling and everyone all the last four games are on the road. What if you've ever been in Winnipeg for the pressure that's going on for that team win? They're losing. They might be much better off to be on the road pull things together get themselves going in the right direction. Is that is a really good team. And they got buffalo and back now. And there's a lot of things that you would think we working for them right now. They're they're having trouble just winning games team that went to the Western Conference finals last season, of course, losing to the Vegas Golden Knights. And when you do that with that team, and you basically have everybody coming back and returning the expectation is that you go back. Back to the Western Conference finals you bought further. Oh, absolutely. They thought that was the sprinkler. Okay. We learn from what we didn't do. Right. And you know, it was because they they walked into that Vega series after a big win against Nashville. And they thought they were really going to be good. But that boy you were their biggest busted just stunned people. They did because they swapped everybody the first few rows especially with Ryan Reeves scoring both on you to win series that doesn't help either. As in Coles wanted this loose. Take after it. Will it be a two on one? We'll be Sundquist wide open in front which sports the connection that worked a moment ago for the low blues goal is broken up by the ads in here. They come front to even the Kennedy gets return feet behind the net. He's pushed aside by Perico. Alexander carpet will chop at the box and Perico will escape his quenches and play announcer. Jay-paul Easter ten twenty two to go in the first period almost halfway through the avalanche. Still do not have a shot on goal as this shot from the blues whistles high in the screaming, stop it. And when you're watching you and I watched together both teams practice this morning. When you're watching the Saint Louis blues their top four defenceman are long, huge and Perico and boom Easter out there against the top line, six five six six six four. You know, Bobby, sir? And they're smart. So this is a real challenge to get past them. The shortest Saint Louis blues defenseman Vince done. Six two hundred eight pounds still can't clear bows. Apple who listeners widening. As drivers nearside at the adult, a McCain lakes pass only sports out of town, the ask themselves and Amazon will get it up for Neo who'll back at it into the nearside corner. Matagalpa will give chase four check is on. This time and matinee will pick it up. Joe's to get after. Behind the net. Goes that can't control it. Louis who get to it? They'll get it up on. Neutral zone. They work with it. Sanford leaves Boesak on the near women low-capacity Brunswick. Why by Sanford? Taken away from him by mammoth kept the point blank by Saint Louis. And there's a lot of positive things happening at the moment. The avalanche again past the halfway Mark others for period avalanche guilty not having shot on Jordan. Take advantage of turnover year Gabriel items God can't get to Sankoh back. Anti along. The headline now for the low his shot blocked up a to the park one. Eric johnson. Get Alex by Brayden Schenn. We'll take a big hit Tarasenko behind the net. Trying break it out by this. God prosecutor fuck rolled on and gets it back in the states. The corner taken away by Shannon. Now. I know why they will get it ahead. Hurt wine. Amir terrorists Sankoh Tarasenko. Hold role Riley at the circle back. The terrorists ankle is shot is tipped over the top of rhubarb but the twentieth. Traffic straight up blues don't have searching and escapes with. Jim Gerard backhand feed and terrorists. Single just missed over the top you the pull between the leg pass by rhino Riley to Tarasenko standing on the doorstep, but he just missed fresh still on from Shannon the far corner. Perenco thought about a shot from the point out Terry sangha, another centering is blocked by Landon Scott Thomsen clock is retrieved by Colin Wilson. He'll wait. His own end. Have somehow do not have school many men ever. Make everyone is making a change in the puck off the boards instead of touchy. It's a miracle. They didn't get it too. Many men penalty rates. European as. Maybe there was just like. Many. To to live now that you can't at nine. Must be wrong. We'll take a timeout. Seven fifty left in the first shots are ten nothing blues. They also have a one lead on the altitude radio network. Colorado Avalanche hockey on the altitude radio network. Final seconds in this one. They can win it with a field goal. Wait time out. They're gonna ice the kicker is that the coach with a Pepsi. The whole stadium. That was good. Careless driver caused her accident medical bills are piling up. Life..

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