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SoFi Stadium, the rams versus the San Francisco forty-niners. Forty-niners won the toss they defer to the rams get the ball to start the day. And to return from Brandon Powell. Cam Akers is in full uniform for the first time since the awful injury. And he's ready. Stafford underneath to acres just into the game in his first game action. Since tearing his Achilles tendon back in July, they thought he would be lost for the year. He healed faster than most wood and here he is. He gets 8 touches and every single time you watch him catch the ball or take a hand off. Your entire body clenches up, right? You're like, please don't hit this guy. Please don't get hurt, but the rams sort of operated fearlessly, and you did not see that hesitation from them to get him involved in the game, which I think sent a huge signal out that this really this was about to be real. Well, acres was miked up for that game. You can hear other players talking about his comeback, almost in awe, including his teammate, Johnny hecker, the punter. Congratulations, man. Thanks. Awesome, dude. Thank you. There's no short of miraculous man. Man, appreciate it. Nothing short of miraculous in Johnny hecker's words. With that in mind, Jordan, can you just put this in perspective for us? Have you ever seen a comeback like this and all your time covering the NFL? Not only have I never seen a comeback from an injury of this magnitude, a full Achilles tear in this amount of time, it has never been done before. No NFL player has ever come back from a full Achilles tear and played and not just participated, but actually played and played hard and played well in a football game, 5 and a half months after the initial suffering of the injury. And it really does signal, I think a change in what we know of about these injuries and what we know about this process. And I think when you saw a lot of players from even San Francisco, approaching cam Akers on the sideline, you felt almost this hope coming from them that even if the worst thing that could happen to me happens, it might be okay, ultimately, I might be able to get back. And I think that's what he represents. I think for the rams too, he has just represented such resilience. They've really rallied around the fact that he has done this thing. They know how hard and how difficult it was. And they are using that as their own motivation. He's back. He did this to get back with us. And now we have to keep going and giving it everything we have because we have to keep him out here as much as we can so that he can experience this after he did this thing for us. Coming up, there's another big hurdle ahead for cam Akers in the rams to try to knock off the defending Super Bowl champs. In Tampa, on Sunday. 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Teams have done this against the rams all year in terms of offering an illustrating small nuances and their run game that have really hassled them at times. And now it's the rams turn to try to do those things and try to use those weapons that they have using that explosiveness from cam and the steadiness with Sony Michelle as sort of a one two punch. And this probably will be a much higher volume passing game just based on the matchup. But I would also expect cam Akers to be worked into that passing game as we saw, even catching a pass from Odell Beckham. In the wild card round. Here's Odell Beckham, junior, he wants to throw it. Got Amanda, the sideline. It's cam Akers. And the rams are in done yet. With some razzle dazzle Hollywood style. Gave a 40 OBJ to acres the longest play of the night. And finally, Jordan, the rams are now two wins away from a Super Bowl appearance in their home stadium. When it comes to camp makers, as you had mentioned earlier, there's a feel good element to him just getting back onto the field. But given that he led the team and carries in their last game, it seems like this is already starting to move past that. So can you see acres who wasn't even supposed to play actually being a catalyst for the rams making a run to the Super Bowl? Yeah, I think he's an emotional catalyst for them in terms of, again, his spirit and his joy and his aggressiveness that he plays with is something that is infectious and really something that his lineman love fellow running backs coaches really love. It gives them that extra oomph that extra layer, not just of technicality and the run game that teams have to counter, but also just that personality within the entire offense can permeate and be really, really aggressive and physical if you have a player with his demeanor and the way that he runs the ball. But in terms of production, he is not slowing down. It's very clear that they are going to use him as a lead running back, if not have a complimentary Carrie share with Sony Michelle through this stretch. And a couple of years ago, the rams went on a Super Bowl run after signing a set of quote unquote fresh legs in CJ Anderson, who helped them get to the Super Bowl offering a level of physicality and freshness to their run game that they really, really needed to get them over that final stretch at that time. And it's interesting because it's almost like you're seeing a little bit of flashbacks with that except with a player who was not supposed to even return. And.

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