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In the united states wilson will gonna from to hear about a presidential contenders possibly in trouble with the middle because it is wife and we have a platoon the uk and it's complicated relationship with one of the play as in the comfort in yemen view case and some common of yemen began his license p point three filling heinz profar site specifically selling type invited jets been used to yeah i'm i'm young covering the secrets of the loss be thing was that's right as only was soft around will the lakers well with the maybe see new so the mexican president and make a pen yet nieto has condemned president from sola to build a wall along the us mexican puerto he said mexico didn't believe in barry isn't again rebuffed missed a trump's assertion that mexico with end up paying for its construction he said his government would do everything possible to protect the rights of migrants in the united states when all three doubles and make you cuenta stuff from eagles the fifty mexican consulate in the united states would be converted into sentence for that offense of the rights of immigrants of our communities on loss on the court the mexican government will give donovan legal advice they need to guarantee you protections wherever there is a mexican migrants at risk we must be that their country must be that with opinion it so didn't say if killed cancel a meeting used to to hold with president trump and washington next week the to trump's of the day was over when it illegal immigration and drug cartels could vic havoc in the united states them as of many us cities that shows a legal mike and so said they'll not be intimidated by president trump's plan to cut federal funding if they didn't cooperate with his plans to deep thought illegal immigrants a matter of new york build a blasio said he would fight to see executive action and that was solid ground for legal challenge the matter of boston marty walsh said he would shelter immigrants in city whole if necessary president trump is headed believes torture.

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