Ronda Santa, Cunningham, Russia discussed on Hugh Hewitt


Exclusively on am 970 the answer conservative talk and finds mike gallagher days ten to one on am 970 the answer welcome back america the republicans have been arguing very ears that they should have the senate and house majority and the presidency so that they could repeal and replace obamacare a comes down to next week there are six or seven republicans threatening not to even allowed debate open i way rob portman model either baked open i know rob portman pretty well i consider my friend i think he will be fine i'm not sure about that sudan susan calder said now and if in fact she refused open debate i will remind everyone in my main audience that i have a few stations and main every day i don't think you want to governor like that a governor who lays down she wants to be governor entries bennett pretty good senator please a knife lady everybody likes remain about winning that way or are trying to maintain your popularity as american care collapses across the united states it becomes collins care it becomes rand paul carroll mackerras over rand paul karen collins care about to replace it if those to find one more to join them in blocking the opening of debate so everybody else and they're all pledged to repeal and repair replaced dean heller did it a thousand time he tells the vote for both times he really is an again they'll be people like me every single day reminding you between now and november dean heller a betrayed the republic ends don't know why you would vote from bettered ever democrat that you know where they stand but could lose control the sanity the only republican they're going to lose next year in the senate jeff flake is going to vote to open he's going to vote on repair one way or the other two big boats next week i'll be talking about them both by the way on my show tomorrow on msnbc at eight a m congressman ron dissenters chairman of the house oversight committee subcommittee on national security will be joining me to discuss among other than director james comey's memos and everything else with regards to the russia affair ronda santa's will be my first guest on them be joined by a ovik roy in page cunningham ovik right probably the preeminent policy analysts in the united states on the new senate bill and page cunningham.

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