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I think another I've heard several people say I think it was a good thing where if Baya wear because the game place fine violated just taking the way the game plays made it single player. It's fucking with all the stuff that's causing these issues, and then made a good story to go along with it could have been fine could have been the new Sifi mass effect successor. Or what have you? But it wasn't the decided to go game over story. And there still wasn't much at that. Here's a big problem the sympathizers because there's always a sympathize for everything that I hear for anthem always say this. Well, you know. And subsidy not doing good. It's such an anthem not doing. Well. Did you ask them? Well, no, man. But it's just a shame not doing better. The problem. Your buddy is the fact that lots of people like you that wish the gave did well didn't buy it. Guess what happens when you don't buy a game? And it doesn't sell it doesn't do. Well, and. So when I hear that as a as a as an argument, kind of laughing, I go, wow. You're part of the problem. You're actually causing it. You're causing this. Why ho can you let that string of thought? Open your come out of your mouth and not coho. Yep. I can't have an appearance on the participate. No one's been buying because it's just not you have resident evil to remake the play. Now, you have the five to play. And if you're not a fan of his games, you can play apex or you can play. Four night over one. There's so many other things the planet people investment in time into wanna get an anthem because why and then the hear these stories about it and doesn't make it anymore. But then they still wish it could wish all you want. And again, I propose proposed idea earlier of how could have done well, but just decided not to go that route. And then, of course, people go, well, you can get saved, and that's somebody feasible thing. Now me one of my best examples of that is no man's sky. When that came out an absolutely empty live game. Like didn't Bolivia a lot of stuff they promised most player forget go all developing that however festival were now a couple years later few years later the game so good now. I absolutely the game is so great. It's really shitty. It took that long. I understand why no one wants to give it a chance anymore. But no man's sky is actually really good now into the game lodge like this. It would have went down in the annals of history is a great game. But it didn't and ending with you can hope all you want me. Maybe in thousand patches, it'll be fixed. The problem is I don't think now just me a lot of people. But I don't think the game will live long enough to see that many revisions because EA is not patient. EA all the here's angry shareholders. They'll just gonna kill violent before violent has a chance to fix the game. So I think the Beiber really shot themselves in the foot with this one. It's just a shame. You know, whether it's the breaking the potential bring of console or whether you heard the game was just boring. If you do not by the game for any reason, you not wanna hear it. And you may have all the John's in the world sorry in this match. Brothers term. No. I I remember I used that. You were just like the the what? The light way say my name, but you every excuse on earth, but the long short of it is if you don't buy game, and you don't support it. It's not going to do. Well, as why bio commie every time I haven't replayed it since the original. But I own it on like every platform is because I'm trying to support Capcom, and I'm trying to show them. They fucked by like platinum go. But that's the thing..

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