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I'm your host. They call me the financial David. My name is Victoria Wood's. Now. Let me tell you. I'm in the studio here with Mr. Damon king. Yes. The Davis studio right here in Edmond, Oklahoma, at chapel would financial services now today, we're going to talk about something that we all know I love and that is travel. So no, not really really gonna talk about finance. But let's start off with travel. We all know I love to travel. If you ever get the opportunity, you really wanna go to Japan consider a visit to to Okinawa valley island Scotland island Damon, and it has got beautiful because it's an island. Of course is beautiful. It's got beautiful nature. It's got a fabulous culture. It has the highest concentration though, did, you know, this name of people who live over one hundred the highest concentration is on this one little island more so than any other place on planet earth, right? Residents tend to live much. Longer suffer fewer diseases and enjoy more years of good health than most other places in the entire world. Why would that be some of its nature Kanawha is, you know, has abundance of things like fish abundance a fish? It's an island. It has tonnes of fresh vegetables. And of course, we all know that eating healthy lifestyle is going to help you live. It's a good diet. Right. Some of it isn't nurture though, because the culture has developed in such a way that family is placed above all other concerns. Well, I guess if you lived on a beautiful island have all the fish and fresh vegetables, it would be it's easy to make family most important, but physical activity as well as just part of their life.

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