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That regard to your point because they have so many candidates running for some of these offices and he had this top two tier system than ultimately they're going to be splitting amongst themselves won't they exactly that's the problem is that you know what is it the forty nine hundred thirty nine th i think actually both of them there's somewhere in the neighborhood of five or six democrats that are running and only a few have voluntarily said okay i'm out by you know in so you've got three or four guys that have money men and women who have money and they've got enough name recognition that they're going to split up that vote now with that said for example and dana rohrabacher district he's running against gop off and it looks like those two scott ball a former aide of rohrabacher is also a republican could end up making in the final two but they're also splitting a vote and it kind of depends on a lot of things you know i've i've seen analysis out there that says oh democrats are just you know they're they're over worried right now because there's no way that bond rohrabacher gonna get a pretty close to a similar number of votes which would enhance the possibility of a lockout i think they have a pretty good chance of getting a similar number of votes there are a lot of voters republican voters in orange county who support the president but don't support rohrabacher and they'll vote for baa and there are a lot of republicans on an orange county who support the president and love dana rohrabacher and they're gonna vote for him and i think it's going to be split pretty close to down the middle which means you're going to have to marshal a lot of support for those democrats we know the democrats as you pointed out want to take back the house but much of that is dependent upon just california new jersey and pennsylvania lion's share is going to be in california so what happens on tuesday ken portend what will or will not happen in november and beyond i think the national press is a little bit asleep at the wheel on this and you're a former dc guy lived in dc it's easy to forget the california exists.

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