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Somewhere in between David Fincher we're going to talk about the top ten David fincher things. There's only ten things left based on what we've picked before. We do that though you know there's a piece on the ringer today by Alan Segel about all the UNMADE David fincher projects and perhaps more than anybody of his generation he gets associated with big name projects and then doesn't necessarily always follow. Through on them, I wanted to talk about a couple of them and maybe figure out which one you guys specifically would have wanted to see the most out of this list. We don't have to run through every single film I would encourage people to read Allen's piece but what is it about him? You think the gets him. So close to the flame before pulling out of a project Amanda. High standards. And also, it's interesting. You know reading that Great Alan Segel it's so funny how the and. We know this to be true. We just talked about how money dictates everything, but the industry is set up in a way where it's like never the person with talent and ideas making any of the calls and that David Fincher who is very demanding which I respect one hundred percent and really is only going to do things if he does it. His Way, and thus has to quit a lot of things because the circumstances in a creative project are lining up with his vision, which by the way in any creative project, a ton of development and a ton of people just being like, well, what about best he is seen as an anomaly and he is an anomaly because he's one of the only people who just like Nah no. Thanks I'm going to go do my thing. I to me I feel like more talented artists should have the ability to be like, no I will do things the way that I want you in my world. Those would be decision makers at least more of the time. But you know we live in the world of money. Chris what about you? What do you think is his driving the way that fincher makes us decisions well, it's similar to what a man to say about his desire for creative control mixed with an interest in still participating in mainstream popular culture. So I mean he is associated with. Tent Pole style blockbusters like for Instance Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea is something that he had been associated with for a long time that he was gonna make it with a variety of different actors. I think Brad Pitt was like the main person and that would have been a huge Disney movie that would have been like a giant effort on Disney's part. That's a theme park ride right there. So he's he's more I think when it comes to stuff like that the kinds of movies he gets associated with are the kinds of. Movies people are like yeah. But I have a couple of notes like could do something like this so that we could make sure the park ride isn't too scary or something like that and David fincher is like no make fucking terrifying fuck off. He's expressed very serious contempt over the years for people who have ideas but don't make anything. He doesn't really like that know even though I have some shades of executive in my in my professional life I also have a little bit of contempt for that approach however. I think Amanda and I have talked a lot on this show about a Lotta movies over time that probably could've used some of that executive guardrail and there's a there's a complexity to that issue when you're David fincher and your perfect, you don't need those people. But when you're less talented, you might need those people. So it's not it's not so black and white, the artist is. Always. Right here either I don't think..

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