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The arrival of the boat the empire wind rush new london on board was several hundred migrants from the carribean hoping to start new lives on monday the government said there would be an annual wind rush day marking that date from nine hundred forty eight but it follows a political row in april about the residents writes in brisbane of that generation it's all given extra significance to an exhibition about the wind rush generation at the british library in london arts correspondent vincent dowd went to see it this exhibition tries to get beyond the arrival of the wind rush near london on the twenty first of june nine hundred and forty eight it doesn't take nor the newsreel in the calypso's mike the british library is also interested in what came next call in prescott of the institute of race relations acted as adviser who are these carbon people that were coming out of a history of deep engagement with britain that went back as far as slavery into the colonial period though product populations trying to change the society from being dominated to being free vert with the context they came from nine hundred forty eight or a new british nationality act which at the time gave commonwealth citizens new rights in the uk st looked rally divine in her crimson robe with a mind that you come at enviro dictate night and need sat beside her admiral of the fleet the exhibition shows a war weary britain in need of new arrivals but ill prepared and ill informed curator elizabeth cooper interestingly a lot of people who migrated here from the caribbean in the middle of the twentieth century talk about their surprise and sometimes in their disappointment that having gone through colonial british schooling they knew so much about britain when they arrived and met so many people who knew very little about where they were coming from the exhibition has become much more than an exercise inist alger this spring the uk government found itself in political mess over the status of the wind rush generation of migrants to the uk difficult questions that we're trying to ask seem pertinent and more more relevant than ever before and challenging the notion of simply having a commemoration rather than really thinking through critically and confronting very difficult historical forces was really important curator wind rush songs in strange land is at british library in london until toba and that's all from us now but that will be updated version of the global news podcast later if you want to come on this podcast all the topics covered in it you can send email addresses global podcast at bbc dot co dot uk i'm nick miles until next time goodbye

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