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This game pump yes to because that's what they already have you know an game keep felt the same way with lotta third party stuff where was like oh you've this is les alias to that is on the pissed to but everybody has but everybody has appears to know and so those early desert or just weird i don't without stuff and won a three sixty came out like that that to me was like their line of the sanders like a yeah we've made that thang in there you know his ursula flashes of brilliance in we'll be establishing core franchises that are going to be very meaningful for us going forward early one core french four so was for thirty sports or there's not don't your roster right that is arguably well i think it's the rest french us right now personally but yeah they they established a few franchise of the take before but a three sixty was that line in the sand moment of just like okay we spent some years figuring the should out and now we're way more serious about it we also get all the should out for everybody else like okay now you have the device to back it up there you have learned you've learned a lot of last for years it's all that stuff is there and you're like fuck this as an awesome to yes i don't know i mean they put another one after that just which they didn't maybe they'll get there someday but i'm the one this all the memories me the one we will see now jeremey rights in from turlock california turlock yeah you have more videos featuring bill laimbeer is combat basketball than you do of super mario three or world offers website what the hell is wrong with you that's what i'm proud to work here yeah yeah least cover quality video i mean there are if you wanna video super mario world being played the internet has a billion of the yes it was that's true around so not everybody's got billing be looks.

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