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Okay, I'll check that somebody sent me something too vast. There. If I were the mayor and I wanted to actually save lives A I wouldn't invite thousands of people to come down and protest against the police. That's the first thing I wouldn't have invited all those people to come down in protest against it. And that's the bigger part of the story that nobody, the news media's reporting. There was a 6.1 uptick from of Corona virus cases from mass gatherings. Mass gatherings was I tell you Where was the mass gathering? It was the mayor's mass gathering. But what I would do is say, look. These are the people who are vulnerable. These are the people who are a higher risk of dying. You need to get your vitamin D check this. Still not saying that. I don't understand. You need to get your vitamin B check to make sure you're not vitamin D deficient because there are multiple studies that show that if your vitamin D deficient and you get Corona virus It makes it to the hospital or worse, so make sure you have your vitamin D levels checked. It's just good health since to start with, but certainly during a pandemic, make sure that your vitamin D levels are where they're supposed to be. So I went Teo, a urologist. Was it yesterday? And they were there monitoring some stuff with me, and they drew my blood. And I said, Can I get my vitamin D check now? We can't do that. Here. I'm going. Okay, so they're making extremely hard to be healthy these days, but that's a whole different story. If you're vulnerable. You stay away from the bars and restaurants downtown and everybody else comes. If you're vulnerable, you stay away from the Titan Stadium. Everybody else goes to see the ball game. If you're vulnerable, you stay away from high school football. If you're vulnerable, you stay away from school. Everybody else goes about their business. And that's the way you lied. And we're not getting that from really anybody in this state. Quick time out. We'll be back right after this..

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