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I'm in california. Okay and everyone. I talked to his voting for trump. Like i think you'll be surprised so you live in orange county. Your only friend is bred east analysis. Right like a like a guy who had a good major league baseball career and a terrible posting career named aubrey. Huff put up a map like one of those lakes. Here's the huff projections for the election. And it was like trump getting like seven hundred ninety electoral votes like canada. Votes rimmer whatever he had california in there. And it's the same deal. You don't like everyone that you talked to has played for the padres. Would you don't have friends that weren't didn't appear in the two thousand six tops baseball series one set so it's not a representative sample of what californians want. So you mentioned. Mike lindell and i'm so glad you did. Because conan haze almost derailed mike lindell's cyber symposium which how could he that well produced event. It was never endanger of falling. Apart any moment no everything was going swimmingly. Until the reiko ricca whatever. I don't know how to pronounce it. Man showed up. How do you derail mike lindell event. How what force is powerful enough to blow that one off. It's access is actually incredible. Because michael in dallas being sued for like a billion dollars or something by dominion but there was actually a legal threat. That briefly threatened to shut it down. And that's when ron watkins. Eight coon guy who some people say it's q. His lawyer call. Tim like in the middle of a presentation was like ron. You might be sharing stolen documents and we need to stop. doing that. surround comes is like a guys. I think it's possible that coenen hayes stole the materials to shot this down and then it came back on they're like no no no combed instill he just took photocopies. Is totally fine. So the show went on again. It would be funnier if i thought that they would like ever stop. There'd be a moment where they'd be like okay. Like mike lindell me look logos. You've proven your point and he didn't win the election that day ever came. That would be fine but it. It's like it's still part of the comedy of it is that they're just gonna keep doing this until all of our the closest any of us are going to get to the my pillow founder. Doing that is that after the conference really started to collapse and that quote unquote cyber expert. Who had been working on the lyndale. Pro-trump team came out and told the washington times of all places that the data doesn't actually prove what mr lyndale and others are saying. It proves that the election was stolen from mr trump after that came out and those korva cascading effect of shoddy freida. If you were a reporter trying to get in touch with mister lindell blowing. It's phone calling him and texting him. You would know that in the past it does not take that much time at all to get something out of him defending his ridiculous conspiratorial and incorrect claim. There was a protracted period of silence when that came out when people were trying to reach mike for either now about twenty hours. Give or take where it was just really hard to get him on the phone to start spinning why this wasn't what the washington times and others were reporting. That is the closest you are ever going to get to contrition from mike and others on this topic..

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