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Laurie Edlow Jay. We answered both and we answer each other same. Okay. Speaking of singing do love that heart and Joan Jett are going on tour together. They will be on October thirteen. Yes. Joan Jett is so great. I mean, she rolls through here on casino, tours. In fact, the last time she was in town shoe is making eyes at me. Don't wanna. That honest abuse at Treasure Island say that I was in the third row. And she came down off the stage and looked at me playing her guitar hard for me Julia. I'm her type honest to and okay, just saying in my reveling in my Joan Jett moment, Sony, Sony, Sanni and, you know, I keep remembering I'm like do Sony sunny. It's sunny. And when you looked like the end of day, Friday. It's sanni. Tommy tell people like designing water in any cliques. No. So I think of it as Sahni's that used to be in Highland Park. It was the great clothing star. Fancy coats and fancy women's clothing Janis fence fancy so Joan and, and heart and hard has not they, they went on hiatus for three years member. They had the nasty family dispute, and then they've made up played their first show back in March. And it's called the love allied. What are they what, what is this? God, their sister, Anna Nancy, that Lori grabbed her heart, like I broken it. Well joy. You know that anyway, some tour dates there. Barracuda. Yeah, I know. Well, it would just be great to see those ladies. I love that. It's like when the Crecy Hainan Stevie nicks, when onto her about three years ago that was great to see jamming to axe for one price. And then they'll come they'll do some songs together. You know it. Okay. I was obsessed over the weekend. I tried Madonna. Yes. And there are a couple songs I liked but they started sound alike. And I'm obsessed with Bruce Springsteen's western stars album that came out on Friday in the one song that I just loved. And we sampled it because it was released her early. It's there goes my miracle there goes. Tell you why this is going to be the new wedding song. Maybe signee. We'll find it just that part. There goes my miracle, it's the chorus. What's the song? There goes my miracle. That is the name of the site. The name of the album is western stars, and I loved it because back and forth, all weekend between Bruce Springsteen Madonna. Yeah. For I tunes yet because I listened and I didn't buy either, but I stream to both. So Roger, you know, or even Friedman. He said, western stars.

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