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Continuity among those of us that have worked on showtime championship boxing even going back to freelance days prior to that when we were working for promoters like bob arum and don king bottled through those are two easy guys the work with loud and have a humble about his is about teamwork it i know those guys are incredible businessman and promoters but it takes a certain genius to take talent dislike in sports and meld them into a t well well uh bob dunphy who's worked with me for for many years director um and excellent boxing director exum sports director ray small tsa source who producer replay director chuck mckeown mike to your door oh we have a very closeknit ensemble of people and we've had talent come and go but that's the core of the group that i work with and how many years have you guys all work together jesus gotta be uh some over twenty five years ally yes okay so this is a really core team has yeah like the bella check coaching circle there and in on this is uh what can be aggravating as well as challenging and fun it keeps it fresh about a sport like boxing it's never exactly the same that the circumstance are always different the contestants are always different uh the preparation and the execution is always different it's not a program season where you know every sunday there's going to be a football game or you know uh uh every evening there's going to be a uh basketball hockey game it is not that kind of regimentation to it and i think that's what keeps us on our toes and makes it interesting but it also allows you to be more creative feels exact working through ali her team here there's different nuances that know from this most recent fight which is probably one of the more more peculiar things that you got to produce we are taking an actual utoe different type of fighter in.

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