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In focus. So we're all different people, you might view this weather differently. But if you don't like it, then something's wrong, and you should get psychological. That's just. Might have today. I just saw son and thirty five this is the time it just Seattle. So beautiful right now. So we're going to get to summer jobs of the rich and famous someone was a lion tamer as rich enough before the rich and famous on the text line nine eight nine seven three want to know, candy, texting what summer job did you have? And was it worth it? Because some people say, oh, my parents, maybe do this summer job. I had to do this job. And they were just doing it to go through the motions other people, obviously earning money to go to college or before they went to school. So what was your summer job? And was it worth it? Yeah. Let's look at that you Texas at nine eight nine seven three and Online Trading Academy text line. Shelby. Miller from Cairo seventeen looked at this problem of of homeless people. They assume digging tunnels underneath Pacific avenue in the overpass, and I five and the state patrol says we can't do anything. Other people are saying we can't do anything giant chunks of up rooted brick and channels of dugout dirt sit right under the state's busiest roadway thousand cars. Drive over the I five Pacific avenue overpass daily wash dot knows. It's happening. They say it doesn't affect the structural integrity of the bridge. They call these dugout areas. Gopher holes and say the bricks are there for erosion control wash dot says they need law enforcement's help I called Olympia police and was directed to Washington state patrol. They say wash dot owns the property, and it's their responsibility to add signs telling people they can't live there before troopers can start kicking people out. That'll do it. That'll be the signs that little get it done. I mean, that's actually legally, correct? Yeah. They actually do need to post the science because you can't for example, if you have property that is not a public property, and you have a car towed. For example, if you did not post a sign saying warning, someone that your car will be towed you're actually liable for that Towfighi. So I mean, I get what he's saying. It doesn't seem like it should be horribly expensive for them to post designs because the signs signs aren't gonna stop anyone. Right. The signs are just going to allow the. Police to do their job right there. Just get it enable it can I just this is sort of off point. But I was talking to friend of mine is a first responder and five, and he seemed these come gopher holes. Coveralls he says, look, my brother has a construction company wants these people like this is a lot of work and it can be dangerous. They're saying this one isn't. But I've talked to washed up people before who said, you know, we put a little bit of thought into what goes below the freeways, we're kind of excited when the freeway has a solid base over which cars, contrive it. It does get dangerous last year. We had to do some closures on I five to clean up these holes in to reinforce them again. And it's one thing for somebody tell you know. No, it's totally fine. But you when you see the amount of dirt that has been taken out from that area. If it made me panic a little bit like, oh, I've been driving over that every day. Cool. Yeah. So there's that then there's this thing and the Duwamish Thursday night, I don't know how I missed this. Because I drove that way Thursday night a major fire from one of the homeless encampments along SR five nine south Seattle. No one was injured. But this is a serious of problems. We've seen some of these come up next to areas where there are in fact gaslines Jason ranch our industry in that in t h that he got a memo saying, yeah. Some of these fires are going next to you know, gaslines at cetera. There was a fire that occurred that a homeless camp in an estuary one on.

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