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I'm not even sure how do you know, how many coaches go their entire career coach team fifteen twenty years? Never coach Aaron Rodgers who wants to coach those numbers this year you better coach guy to got his four and a half to touchdown interception. You medical guy like that? Who went six nine and one interesting. Well, good luck. I'm glad you. So you have to win every yet. So you're not gonna tell you know, what happened Tom Brady has made it unfair for a lot of people because everybody thinks that's normal. That's not normal. Thank you. Yeah. I was gonna thank you not know. That is correct. He has shattered the mold at forty the patriots have shouted the mole code metal ticket. Do an unbelievable job. The only man the day. He retires going straight to can gonna wait five years. Quarterback. Way. They gotta put a separate wing up for Tom Brady. He should have his whole wing by him. So now, let's wait a little longer to talk about those two unless about LeBron me back anytime soon because Shannon question what am I aim with you? You'd be lost. When chris. Be Lakers played without LeBron for the eighth straight game last night. But at least they had Kyle coups mice scored a career high forty one points, including five threes in the Lakers win against the pistons. Kuzma, also did it in three quarters since he sat out in the fourth LA is now three and five without LeBron and the king will not travel with the team to Utah for their game against the jazz tomorrow, but back to Ma here he is after the game. Struggling with it all year and not just tied to stay consistent in my work ethic and be in a gym keeps shooting in. I know it's going to come. We got a lot of playmakers. We've got a lot of guys that play basketball team in. Thank you. Thank you. Join my NBA analyst Christopher sardine could have you with us. So is the glass half full or half empty with the Lakers right now. And we're saying without LeBron. Yes, I'm half full on it is hard to adjust a plane without LeBron James. We saw Cleveland teenage gone to four straight finals a team that hey, perennial all-stars, and Kyrie Irving and Kevin love go four and twenty three without LeBron because he becomes a crutch. He he does so much. You used to him. Do it so much that you don't you? Come to your crutch, let the fact that this young team without not only LeBron. But also raising our Rondo has gone three and five that's nothing to shout about. But they won their last two. I like what I see from this team. And it tells me one that they have high basketball, I q because they've adjusted pretty quickly to play without LeBron to that. They have the. The utmost confidence, especially Kouzmin, and I love that that his confidence. I mean, the bounceback from a four twenty shooting game thirteen points to have your career high in three quarters like, and he was going to give Blake Griffin guy that he probably watched certainly watched growing up, you know, thinking, wow, that's one of the best power forwards in the world. So that and then the third thing it tells me, look, Luke Walton is a good coach. I'm not saying these Red Auerbach or anything, but he's a good coach. I don't think his job status should be in jeopardy. You know, now, we'll see how it goes in the playoffs and everything, but I think Luke is a good coach. I think he's running good stuff without LeBron and win LeBron's there. He adjusts. So I feel like it's half. I think their biggest problem without LeBron is here with Lonzo and Ingram stain aggressive. And that's a mental thing. I think lonzo's forty one percent free throw shooting is.

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