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Housing lender licensed in all fifty states and MLS number thirty thirty. Morning America this is catch on cable from Texas teams here, Sunday morning. What's going to Mars and with us to talk to all Americans Abadan is the deputy administrator of NASA. Jim Moret. Jim How are you this morning doing great John It's an honor to be with you and looking forward to sharing you the news of what we've been doing. Now tell us we only is the launch was a couple of days ago. How long have we can take? You know John. This was a launched. There was a window of opportunity and It was going to close August fifteenth so we needed to get this. And launched and we did yesterday and it will land it's scheduled to land on Mars February Eighteenth Twenty, twenty one and the mission of this world you know John this is a rover that we've had four successful rovers on Mars not easy to do. We've had three pretty expensive craters also. so. We're sending this rover up. And it's I? Think that we are going to try to do better than we've ever done before is the entry descent and landing, which is really the hardest part. We've had an orbiter going around Mars for years and it's been mapping. Mars. So as this rover comes down. And descends it's going to be comparing what it sees with the maps that we already have and that's already preprogrammed and we call that entry descent and landing seven minutes of terror because we really lose contact with it while it's coming down. But what's different this time is that we're also going to have cameras four cameras to be exact looking at. So we're going to be able to see afterwards what the descent was like. We're actually going to have to microphones on the rover also. So you're going to hear what it sounds like to descend into the Martian atmosphere. That's the first part of this effort. The second part, which is probably the second hardest. We're GONNA be collecting samples of the Martian soil. Why are we doing that? One? We're? Looking for ancient mccreavy life. We WanNa see if there really was life marchers and we actually sent her scientists out to the PILBARA outback in. Australia. To See those is where the oldest fossils on earth exist and we were really looking for geologic signature. So we had an idea really try to find signposts of what we're going to be looking for. We're going to a place called the Jezero Crater. and. That's where we think we're GONNA may find these signs of life. Those are the two big ones. The other one that people are talking about is that we're we've put we strapped a helicopter on the bottom of this rover and it's four pounds it's got to rotors it's for the rotors or four feet wide and we're gonNA, have the rover back off fifty to one hundred meters and it's got maintain cameras on it so it's going to be filming this helicopter trying to fly in the Martian atmosphere but what's the big deal about that well? The density of the Martian atmosphere is one percent that of the Earth's atmosphere. So this thing's GonNa have to spend pretty fast. But if we can do that, the hope is that it will be a forward scout for our astronauts. The we plan to have go to Mars in the twenty thirties. It also could be a communications relay for them also, but those are the three big ones. There's another one I'll got mentioned in that. Is, it's called Moxie and what it's GonNa do is convert carbon dioxide into oxygen almost like an artificial tree and when I say that we're basically carbon dioxide is co two. So two molecules of oxygen we're GONNA borrow one of those molecules in hopefully provide pure oxygen for astronauts when they get there while that is wonderful I mean it sounds like I'm watching the science fiction movies because I've seen that someplace in the movies and Tommy Cool It's very, very exciting I. Hope I get to see in our lifetime and I'm going to be seventy years old. So you know we will. We'd like to happen sooner than later. Well I'm right behind you. I'M GONNA be sixty four in September. So you know I used to work for a guy named Ted Stevens. He said old age fifteen years ahead of me. Or Jim on. Thank you for what you do for our country doing at mass. Oh right now and God bless you and God bless America and deaths will catch up with you again those of you. Thank you John You. Know we're doing this hopefully to inspire the next generation and also bring hope to all those who need it right now. So thank you for having me. This is the cat today, but we'll be right back..

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