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By my co host jason. Hey how's it going today. We're going back to the excess eighties. And we're going to discuss a very unique concept album by british group. That had such a unique background in composition that it truly is one of a kind and today we are going to dissect nineteen eighty-six hallmark. Eighties album skylark. My ecstasy unique is a very good choice of words for the. It's weird right. It is really about the way. It was built the way that the album was put together. The wait was ridden. Oh yeah well all the all of the pieces to the puzzle and you lose some of this in the intro about bringing in the outside producer who in creamy from wrong here but todd rundgren was famous for producing guys like meatloaf i mean. Yeah right. I mean this right Like seventies cheese rock. Yeah and and i mean no disrespect. That's what it is. I mean i i'll piggyback off it with you. I would mean all disrespect. That's that style of music is awful. Yeah yeah that that that whole it was like suspended chords and kind of like augmented. I mean just like it was just rendered obviously had talent When you brought this album in and we were researching it. And i don't think there's really anything he's ever been associated with before this a good like this be that i probably liked. Yeah yeah i mean that's the guy's got talent but it's an interesting choice for the record company to go. Hey you'd be the right guy for these guys well. It's a funny thing that you say that because todd rundgren Power pop superstar of the seventies in by the way in case. You've never heard todd render. We're not focusing on todd rundgren. But at while i was here i figured i'd go ahead and give you an example. He's a big piece of the puzzle. So he said no he is. I should and here is his most famous song. You've probably heard this song on classic rock radio. I know for sure. Dennis miller used to use this song. At least it did once when i was kid kind of the late eighties when he was coming in the weekend. Update right all right. But this is todd render this phone call. I saw the light from nineteen seventy. Was it this in the johnny cocaine movie below. I seem to remember this being like i could be wrong. Because it's kind of this style. Seventies music all kinds of sounds the same. Sounds like it album actually is a really good help. If you like this style of music you might know this one. yeah just covered induce chills. Oh yeah it's not my at all kinda like just kinda wakey rock But it's pop at. Its whatever it was going on with bell bottom romance and yeah yeah there you go absolutely. It's totally that kind of stuff so once again like really strange choice. Yeah so let's let's talk about todd. Rundgren real quick Just so we can kind of be done with it. He did have. That breakout album that we just played from that was something anything from nineteen seventy two He had that song. I saw the light in. Hello it's me. The two songs that i just played albany also had a song in nineteen ninety-three that was pretty big called bang the drum all day. That's all yeah absolutely a complete whipping of song of whipping of a whipping of weapon yet. And i would even go so far as to say that. His production techniques were really overdone. Look for what for what i like. Music it just seemed like it was way over done. Sure i agree with that completely. But let's talk about the album's because he he was a pop star but he was really more well known as a record producer right His record you might not know that well but you mentioned meatloaf out of hell right. Which is that with. Jim stein and like it or love it or hate it. I would say hate it for me but it was a very very very popular album. I'd say what if i'm planning cornerstones for the for the seventies. I'm probably gonna make that a cornerstone because sure sure especially if that that genre which was so ubiquitously kind of think i may have lowered their ubiquitously piteously. So popular true really. Harnessing some of the drama kid type music That bad of hell the way it was composed and the way it was written by meat loaf in jim steinem lineman. Yeah the whole thing is like his whole persona was really theatrical theatre. Type stuff when you. I remember being a kid and like seeing the cover for bat. Outta hell's what is this is this is this is this is this is. This is going to be amazing. And then he gets on a terrible. What is happening. is that a piano. What is going on. He also did bad fingers straight up in in grand funk railroad's wearing american band sing along groovy says rock and roll off you. All three of those are huge in the seventies. Absolutely so as he transitioned out of the early success that he had As being actual performer in the end started getting into where he was actually doing production He was pretty well known as as a guy that could come in. And just kinda sav problems In do so very inventively and for cheaply in that's where we come with ecstasy ecstasy a quick brief history of of this ban there from swindon the the west country of england. And so i if you are in london and you turn your boat towards the southwest. You're looking at swindon. So you're on the thames. Obviously if you for some reason you were to drive swindon you would go through brixton. And that's where david bowie was from. Oh okay In these guys of ecstasy from swindon they spoke with west country. English accent if you want to know about west country english this is what the pirates spoke in so normally when we when we try to fake an english accent we always drop the ours right from from britain. We are in there but on the in if it has cau- of dropped are out in the west country they overdo the are so a pirate. Are they talking over there. And if you listen really close to the way that these s pronounced this. It's very rural very country. And so it's it's Considered kind of crude and a lot of these guys from this area. They would try to drop that accent really. Yeah that's interesting. I didn't know that. I x t c from swindon They were part of the seventies punk scene that they were really one of the The bands that really hit big especially in the uk. And they transitioned into the new wave movement right They were known for a very lively stage performance. Very very upbeat. Lots of energy around. Yeah there were four people in the band at one time. The singer the brilliant. The kind of the brain of everything is andy. Partridge and i don't know if you've if you've figured out through your your investigation of ecstasy. But andy partridge is a wacky fucking. Yeah yeah yeah. It seems like he was a terrible really part person to be in. A band was really hard young with asthma. Matter of fact he started a a decade-long valium addiction that he started off in nineteen eighty-four in part of his addiction to valium in his depression. Because of that they just stopped performing really. Yeah they didn't they stop being alive ban for while it they do. They start before we live in. Well i mean that happens. There's always the guy that just couldn't perform anymore for one reason. Another the begins stuck doing it but that's from a band that kind of made their name being alive ban. That's a that's a heart heartbreak to take it sure is But it's interesting that it happened that way so if if you think about bands that were huge that perform big and everyone loved And they stopped performing live..

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