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It at forty six percent that's on top of your stating complex that's on top of your property taxes that's on top of the three point eight percent obama tax you're talking to way over 50 percent one she hit that milliondollar number it is crazy crazy and the republicans are proposing this you understand what i'm saying i make work worker a million and i pay close over forty percent kirk later you're not the only one i play an enormous amount of taxes and my only deductions quite frankly or property interest and what's the other one and a state income taxes that's it i don't have anything fancy going on about reduction yeah well you're rich so you're gonna have to liquidate now thanks to the republicans i love it i love it wiring clark god bless you buddy there is a thing called a car you get in the car and get the hell out of their fists bump just my advice it's not so easy my i know i should get out of virginia now keep electing democrats who keep raising taxes and all the rest of it let's continue shall we ralph west palm beach florida the great w j no and i might say i might say you of a great host who i was listening to this morning brian mud who is also the program director of wgn own carries my show their which were very grateful for but he is terrific and he's a longtime friend of mine to all the folks her wgn and our great go ahead wrath okay one i've started i've heard of how you from the first time i read in black so i know you for awhile thank you sir now my pleasure i i just wanted to say and what i did was we talk it's talked about the rich let's talk about the middle class there's a group below that it's really going to as i see it gets shrewd in this tax bill for example my widowed mother uh her incomes about thirty five thousand tweets social security and a small pension this i understand it.

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