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This is another meal we WANNA make certain years for the next step is hey you and we should done unless real quick. That's a fried egg on their. Oh Friday gone there will be good as fuck. I was really surprised that a sandwich America's because I like meat I used to eat meat. I loved it. I have one all the time you meet me at the beginning beginning of this show so we put an egg on it. Yeah we look. My Greasy has ostrich ass postured. Yeah so we have to change the name naming crack on the rim with a knife like this chink and all you do you ever ever get an extra In there unless you know let you breathe it in. It was a second choice to think about. Do I WANNA choke. Because I had food in my mouth or do you want to just blow his belch away so I just decided not that show could blow it away. What's one thing about Working in the for us that you miss the solitude you liked that yeah like the connection with God so you get in nature richer connection with God you believe in God. Oh yeah it was at the top of a redwood one time very very top. Oh you make me jealous and I was never been more. You're scared of my entire life. Wow what are we jumped up it. Yeah where you go do the rope a jug up to the top and then harnessed in still I was holding it so about a cut the insides of my arms like crazy because all you hear is being like this and it was terrifying terrifying to hear all the trees just whistling and they'd all moved the same of freaked me Vol but I bet you stuck with you right. Have stylish say that things that stare at you. The most in life are the scariest moments. They're the ones that get your heart going the most. They're the ones that stay. They would do. And I think that's why a lot of guys do stand up because that fear is such a grabber at it braces. You what's the scariest. Save run into the this year. Was The scariest you've ever been to about onstage going on stage where you're like you're like Oh my first night. My very first night ever. I was was completely petrified but at the same time completely full of of just joy. How will we nosy I was I was I think. Twenty twenty three in Canada. Yeah working the forestry sent at the time no. I don't know I'd already finished that up. Really Yeah I was working in a mail room police station as one up and did my first show. What was your first job? That worked my I joke. I joke was My grandmothers I had so many yeast infection she pees doughnuts took no. My mother was so fat. She eats cereal out of a satellite dish. That was my one of my first show how those fat jokes were now. My mother's so fascinates cereal out of a satellite dish. That's when people had those giant satellite dishes. Remember births yet to all of this up. I think I lost some of the. Oh my God that's stuck to the yoke. I'm going to do this. God my calories. One of these sandwiches has all under four hundred. Imus Thomas I've a nutritionist. You are sweating. I noticed she asked me to take pictures of what I eat and send it to her. The other day I was out a picture of someone elses meal offensive to her salad good and I was like murdering a cheeseburger radius. Sender Lick my greasy ass. Probably get our fire. That's a youtube moment to God and committing from now. My Gosh Yeah you really do have that glory hole mouse happen. Yeah Nobody Abbott. The shell station a tune the morning bro in the bathroom you will one of those. Everyone's I was one of those ones. Yeah was it a sound guy. Got All that didn't you. Yeah did you get that Eddie. So what do we. How do we wrap this up Harlem I just say Enjoyed Lick my greasy ass and by the way. It's a great holiday meal to do a Christmas Christmas. If you're tired of the Christmas chicken or Turkey Chai Cima Joyous Yuletide. Lick my greasy ass and I so we we're up it up by saying Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Christmas holidays. Yeah that cool. She was Christmas on deck the halls with boughs of holly follow. I'm sorry this is super insensitive. Well I've heard it before. Oh I know 'cause Jewish Jewish. No I can't sing. Oh Sang John Malkovich. Would that help you concern now. The House of Holly. That's Christopher Walken zingers. Christopher Walken is the season tubing shyly. Okay ready three right to one halls with boughs of Holly Follow Lala. We are kids. That are kids school They wanted to do Christmas Christmas show and just to be clear. So that wasn't the ending. Okay I keep going keep he goes up of. They wanted to Christmas thing but they couldn't do sing Christmas to be. Yeah so they did Christmas songs but change the lyrics to make them Jewish. Okay saying the twelve nights of Christmas like you know On the first day of Christmas my true love gave me Yarmulke drill. All they did was go through and list items at a Deli. They're like some Uh Filter fish one hundred three months of ball all lick my greasy black and white cookie and dribble Barbra streisand hill. Change The unto screaming five. That'd be good. That was an edible. pull the night before and I was still high at the thing and I was laughing so fucking hard as well and I was like. I think this is racist. And they're like no it's it's things it was worth. I like that all right. So how can we I. I haven't really found an end to the show like a button tag it and get us out. What about a Christmas Carol? Good idea DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY FA LA LA LA. Thank you everybody. Merry Chris. America Christmas you're Ju- right now chases crashes Krassner Post One also thank you. It was so much fun..

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