Powell, Arizona, President Trump discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - 08-23-2017-085144


This is a guy it's just not going to get things done the thing about this speech slurred worst powell said and predictable it was because what did we expect and we got it you know everyone expected that he would be would be and unhinged the donald trump performance maybe it was a bit heavier on on you know media or an enemy of the people there dan i might have thought i know he spent so much time on that it was deeply disturbing an offensive by the way he spoke of the media but what donald trump speeches not deeply disturbing an offensive on it he teach feuding with with uh mitch mcconnell uh he um are grossly insulted both senators republican senator from arizona uh if if the anything of course he made it more difficult for him to get anything done then uh then easier and this is this what we face we face a presidency that is totally dysfunctional and a president who giving no longer seems to be interested in getting his agenda pass because there were he would be listening to two reasonable people and his administration hotel not to do stuff like this but he continues it continues the can't help himself or he is decided by that uh for for whatever reason that his strategy is to continue driving a wedge between his onethird of the population and the rest of the country and that's not a winning strategy mark alpine aides gene robinson i think really at the end of this block yet what.

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