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Sixty-three twelve down from. A. Recent, high of as much as eight thousand dollars peaked up there within. The last couple of weeks crash on is there okay well. You never know what's going to happen in the, world? Crypto currencies now's the time to buy between on sale a year. Ago and now. I think. It's gone up by two right so I think. It was around three grand about a year ago fire call correctly sounds right so over time bitcoin has done. Very very well and. Of course there are other currencies bitcoin dot, com to get started. To learn more about crypto and bitcoin Join, once again that's bitcoin dot com we go back to the phones. With you in the studio tonight you've got me Ian Riley. And Mark as we continue and by the way. Riley's? Here courtesy of the anarchist agenda podcast which you can get at, this right anarchy. Agenda dot. Lipson dot com that's correct all right excellent as. We go to back to Larry in Indianapolis Larry you were just telling us how much you love Donald Trump Go ahead And you were saying he was gonna Are you saying It started out with Donald. Trump? And, LeBron, right. Oh yeah right Member Duke. And Trump in my. No good raises the is the. Dole emission mine is all business they call. Them? Spill, at, him Just like the one sportscaster say one time though big man like that were. Bred to be that. Way that's why they got such The per cent and building because. They were specially bred hand What's the word field Yeah okay yeah I can't remember. The name, of Jimmy the Greek I think was the one that I haven't found that a particularly racist. Statement of all the racist statements that are out there and the. Reasons. That. People, should be fired that seems to some. Extent to, be a relatively historically accurate statement The accurate. Thing is that's what they categorize back in the bad but anyway Liberal and people like. Him and the other adults that are getting money, to keep a mild shit because if. They come out and start a school? It's not gonna be able to sustain? What, is. This thing about the school you're saying LeBron James wants to start. Oh yeah Started Maybe get a tax write off back a. Lot he's starting to school When they go out of business. Leave the kids large Wait a minute wait a minute hold on are you saying he? Did start the school or he's trying to charter school. He did start a charter school just hate LeBron James and? Maybe why would you question his motives for. Starting school that's pretty People like him they need to get back. To the point like I say on spreads pretty cynical saying? Hold on I'm Ben real list are you saying, that because, LeBron James is a sports star he should keep his mouth shut is that. What you actually said earlier each channel the money. Into something more productive. Life and all of the black people. Rise he, can't go around creating assemblers live disabled food it's all or nothing what would you propose that, he do I mean if he feels. Like he can take his money. And put it. Into a school to help let's. Say. Some underprivileged urban city people I'm presuming, that's where it is I don't, know I'm going on what you're saying okay I don't know anything. About the story but if that's how he feels he can? Spend his money to be, effective you to, criticize that and what would you say that he should do besides that it's a vision of cruelty what he's doing what he should do money to have a mid campaign to get all the other athletes like him onboard and. Tell them to stop inches skate? And get behind a effort to lift all. Of those people out of the situation what is that Right now do you want to just a cash handout. From LeBron James We have enough areas than I community that are suffering that a national. Average be made combating all the people such like Golic cabinet Quite care so much these guys are super cheapskates right what they are Look Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Games I would. See I actually go to the games themselves and they had all these different charities that all these different athletes were. Involved They certainly do it for tax reasons to some extent but they're helping people in the process He says I have another question To. To move on to. Something else you use the term I think colored boy to referring. To yourself and to LeBron James and. I guess I have some questions would you? Use the, n. word and conversation Were you not. That an were but I would say no Describing. Is used to call a best closer that saw in public. But, I was in private conversation even with the white person I I would, say you mind if I use the word, used the word I that Problem Problem with it because A lot of people have been hurt throughout the Hey look. You, we're trying to teach people the collar people, hey when somebody says that were caller guard down are you build up and try? To try to get around and go. To jail that is a were just like that I've been called a lot worse than than.

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