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So it's just a very, you know, when you're crowing about your own. Enroll in kind of tearing down some of those barriers in the same time, you're making this contribution to someone who from all appearances would like to see those barriers erected again that is obviously very clearly hypocritical in a way that is going to come back to bite you that was such a more diplomatic way than I was making that same. It's weird because on one level, this is just sort of how corporate lobbying in and so forth goes, and I think a lot of the outrage of major league baseball at major league baseball comes from maybe not quite understanding that that big companies donate to everybody said they can get in a room with with elected officials. And like Zach said the beige baseball's getting a black eye over this. Because the thing that, you know, it's not like Coca Cola lobbying Cindy Hyde. Smith for corn subsidies like the thing that they want is to not have to pay minor league. Minor league players minimum wage, and but the I mean just the self righteousness of baseball of major league baseball regarding race and Jackie Robinson. Honestly might be. My least favorite thing about the league. One of one thing that I loved about this whole thing is Lindsay Adler of the athletic was covering the rob Manfred comments this morning, and she quoted as saying that Cindy, Hyde Smith comments about public hanger, quote completely at odds with the values of major league baseball has always always embraced, and quote, and she said later while getting ratio for quoting somebody else because rob Manfred gonna flip his shit when he finds out about Tom Yawkey and cap Anson and Kennesaw mountain Landis like nothing's going to have about this except in five months. Everybody's gonna wear number forty two for one day and major league baseball is gonna crow about how it solved racism seventy one years ago. And they're just so many from the, you know, the 'gate-keeping culture to the way, you know, Joe Simpson's comments Jeff Hashem erred about both of these issues, and how to intertwine I didn't really job of as always. But like there's so many different strands that you can pull onto you know, major league base-. Ball has. Contributed were leaned into structural racism in ways that you can't do that. I mean, you can't obviously because they do, but you shouldn't be allowed to do that. And then Pat yourself on the back. Pat yourself on the back for like how the league salt race relations in this country. When you're making the problem worse in through both intentional and unintentional ways. In a in a lot of different aspects of the game. So it's I dunno. I don't know. I'm not shocked by by this donation. I'm it's I'm a little bit surprised by how sloppy how amateur hour the lease handling. This has been from the lobbying effort itself to to rob Manfred walking at back. It's just another reason to be disappointed in the league for you said hypocritical aren't even know that word means anything any more..

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