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Space on himself. Nice little finish. The Post you've would have a couple more chances later on but in the end, they couldn't get own imports and second goal is it finishes then won a pace. Let's welcome gap Markazi into the show show we have you've took a lotta time to get going. Didn't they? In the end. They could only get that point. I. Look We saw the expected goals there. We saw that they they hit the crossbar twice the as they have the Barada. Goal disallowed. But I think what this shows you is that you know be local just stand there with a hard hat and a big men at work sign. Because, that's the reality of you right now. They're still learning what he wants them and look in normal circumstances if they had you know all the players of that that they're missing from. For Matai Select Shot Renaldo to to bondage, of course, came off injured. Then maybe you'd have moments of individual brilliance denied you through is you continue this learning process? They don't have that right now on top of that I thought they were a tiny bit unlucky tonight and they don't really really. Well, let's give it on a credit as well. There's another team out there. A team that finished in the top Cadillac season that's trying to stop you from scoring as well. So I'm not gonNA view this as disastrous as a no doubt. Some of my colleagues in the media, the gap that once again I'm GonNa ask you say, well, what happened if I got this result last season and you'll go it's completely different because payloads coming he's written a thesis he's changing everything. So you've got to give him time, but this is event and this event in a moment where it's three consecutive draws the. Game so.

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