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Will make his fourth major league start tonight? In Ryan Weathers? It's a big leaguer son, who's very comfortable in a major league ballpark on a major league mound, Having Grown up and watched his dad David Weathers, perform this kid. I mean, he's not pitched above able but pitched in the post season last year for the Padres pitched effectively. Just a short stint. But then this year is well off to a really good start to and one of the 10.81 e R. A making a sports start of the season. Tonight He's got a three quarter arm angle slot, really gets in on righties, runs it away from lefties, and we will tell you a lot more about Weathers over the course of the evening, But it's the Padres have taken the field. Let's bring you now to tonight's starting lineups. For this Sunday night game at Petco Park for the Cardinals leading off its second base. Tommy Edmund, batting second in right field, Dylan Carlson. Paul Goldschmidt will bat third and play first base in the cleanup hitter is the third baseman Nolan Ah, Renato. Adding 15 catching Yadier Molina, Tyler O'Neill in left field, batting sixth, batting seventh and center field. Harrison Bater, hitting eighth at shortstop at a Mondo Sosa and batting ninth and pitching for the Cardinals tonight. Kwon Young Kim Or the Padres. Their leadoff manage their center fielder Trent Grisha, batting 2nd and 3rd base. Manny Machado, number three hitter was the first baseman Jake Cronin worth and in the cleanup spot again tonight is the left fielder Tommy Fan. Batting fifth and catching Austin Nolan off a huge game last night in a lopsided win for the Padres, hitting of the six spot at second base to Kapita Marcano, one of the call ups because of all the covert issues. Adding seven the shortstop Hassan Kim, batting eighth in right field, Patrick Kibble a hand another one of the call ups automatic nine. Pitching a guy we started talking about 21 year old Ryan Weathers as singing mentioned the son of a big leaguer. His dad, David Weathers, pitch for 19 years in the major leagues for nine different teams. Very good right handed reliever. Ryan is a lefty. He is too and one with an E. R a of Oh 81 in his big league career eight appearances, three starts 22 a third innings on Lee. Nine hits allowed. Has walked seven and struck out 20. He actually made his major league debut in the playoffs last year when a scoreless inning in a third entered appearance against the Dodgers and the division, Syriza. But he is getting a lot more experience here in 2000 and 21 ready to go in the first pitch of the ball game is a fastball in there for a called strike. Greg Gibson is the home plate umpire tonight. Tommy Edmund leads it off for the Cardinals to switch hitter batting for the right side against the left hander Weathers as another fastball comes in, But this one's a little bit down and in Ball and a strike to Edmund, who was sitting 2 73 with a couple of home runs on the season. Maybe this is a meaningful stat singing. Maybe it is not 11 bounced into and one but when Edmund scores a run, the Cardinals are 17 and one on the season, the only loss was on Friday night. That's interesting. I mean, I guess you'd say when you look at who comes up behind him. 21 is popped up and it looks like it'll stay in play in foul territory for the catcher Nolan just to the first base side of the plate will make the catch one down. How about Austin Nola's starting at first base last night home Oring driving in six, and now he's behind the plate tonight. It's a busy weekend felt Chase Tinkler told us yesterday. Just how these guys are, you know, in the absence of some of the key players with the covert I l Injured list. They are rolling up the sleeves, lacing up the spikes and saying, Hey, how can I help us win and I think that's exactly what we're seeing. Dylan Carlson, the.

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