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In the nation five Zacks scoring in double figures sign up for grabs it gets away the floor in the vehicle he IGN eighteen is heard from Brian Jeffries slayer field I am G. college Nick Manion Neagle manufactured say had twenty number twenty three Arizona held on for a eighty five eighty went over southern cal they won five of the past six in full control from start to finish in that one part of six gallon cans sports by six news more John salute field I'm Gee college the strong forts fourteen a Tyler bate thirteen was twenty one of the second have number twenty four Colorado made the free throws down the stretch and held off cal seventy one sixty five Boston as a doctor white eight picks it up to the figure all the glass double double this season per day Jeremy brown and Luke field I'm Gee college Kayla mills eighteen yeah you heard the double double from hitting a dozen a dozen to go with seven assists Houston twenty fifth in the nation past two lane that final was seventy five to sixty to the next didn't only off load one of their top players but added a man that they hope will bring them plenty of good players in the near future that's next this is SportsCenter all night on ESPN radio.

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