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Ron Meyer for state Senate. If you're tired of paying forty seven dollars in tolls on sixty six if you're tired of paying five dollars on the Dulles toll road. If you're tired of being six dollars each way, everyday to the Greenway, I need your vote on June eleven vote. Von Meyer for state Senate on June eleventh, normal polling location in Loudon and Prince William counties. I experienced Harvey in my childhood and watch for. Fail. That's why I believe in a hand up. Not a handout, how can our government claim beginning a hand up to Virginia's when it can cost sixty dollars in tolls just to get to work. That's why I ran for county supervisor on building a parallel road to the Green Bay, so workers don't have to pay thousands of dollars each year to a foreign company this year. That road project under construction vote, Ron Meyer on June eleventh, as your Senator, I'll continue to get things on for you. Lower tolls, lower taxes and lower spending, and I'll stand up to governor north radical social legislation pledge to vote at Ron Meyer dot com paid for it. Authorized by Ron Virginia. Seven years ago. Debra beat breast cancer with surgery and traditional radiation. But then by cancer came back in my lymph nodes the experts at med star Georgetown University. Hospital confirmed Denver's diagnosis and arranged for her to receive proton therapy. One of the latest breakthroughs in cancer treatment. I searched online and learned that protontherapy precisely targets only the tumor it spares healthy tissue and has recite effects compared to traditional radiation. This was especially important to me, because my tenure was located near my heart meds star Georgetown University hospital is the first and only hospital in the region to offer proton therapy, so patients no longer have to travel for their cancer treatment today. I'm cancer free. For more information, visit med star Georgetown dot org slash pro. Tom for an appointment. Call eight five five two one three forty two ninety.

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