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Asked the brands. I work with is his his is is is is is is. Are you going to be on. The right side of history. Question is in. What are you selling or or what service are you providing. The question is what do you sand for who argue bagel bites all these big companies. They're so scared of all social change. And i come in and i put their fears to rest. I tell them just be honest. Tell your customers that that. Jp morgan is against racism in theory. Why ms instagram. There's a specificity to the visual language but what people are actually responding to which is the personal narrative of mental health and fragility depression and isolation. i think is the least specific. Part of the show and bo burnham isn't the same guy that he was when he was sixteen now famous successful guy who lives with the film director and yet the mood and vibe of it is very similar to what i feel. His form has evolved radically. His content is similar to what it was emotionally when he was younger. But you know maybe he's a lot. This is not a christmas is a scripted because people are still reacting the much more to the emotional part as i see it everywhere all of us as adults. There is a part of us that is still seventeen right old away and we literally just want it repackaged away. That makes us feel okay about watching it as an adult. This totally succeeds on that level of these talks have been fascinating because you know like i'm currently trying to write about how people are taking in comedy these days it's useful when you have people who've never had to have a conversation accommodate before doing a minute of trying to explain why things are whatever and what's so interesting i saw one person was somewhat taking ours thing of this wasn't him actually almost gonna commit suicide or whatever it's a movie and because it's a movie he's acting and i'm like oh. This person is doing the same misreading in my is a lot of people are which is they only can understand. Stand up comedy as a person going on stage and confessing truth despite the fact of like all these sort of chinks in the armor of truth that we've seen in years despite literally both entire career has been criticizing the sort of performed authenticity of previous generations of stand up comedians. That is still like the bucket that people think of a stand up. Comedians are confessional about truth and are funny all the time which is why on two ways. People like this not saying special. It's good. it's too ambitious visually. This is not a comedy special or there's not a comedy special. It's not funny enough. Both of these people are sort of doing the same thing. You have a very specific bucket of what these things can beat. And why i forever thankful for them is if he's succeeded in anything of pushing against any sort of notion if there's one definition of these things as is gerard as them together have such ideas and the talent to actually do the thing of like. Oh what if comedy specials were more visually ambitious a lot of people can say that tony hinchcliffe has a special that shot in one take right. That's a cool idea. But then you watch especially like seeing. This isn't just a gimmick. Yeah blair bo as actually like. Oh what if i like. I remember when i talked to him about make happy. I thought of the visual before. I wrote any of the songs i knew i wanted to have this. I knew i wanted these stage things. Yeah i think he succeeded in directing this special and that is interesting. That's what the responses mean regardless of the right or wrong. It's like oh people actually don't have. They're they're trying to squeeze into these things and then it's funny to see everyone squeeze at the same time and completely contradict each other one hundred percent right he is the his whole career has been a critique of that idea but at the same time he knows that the audience is going to see it as bow on state. He's knows both thanks. So what do you do with that problem. When i interviewed him a couple years ago he said when i may wanted to make a show about performance. I i worry that. It would be just about me in self-indulgent but then i realized because we're all performing social media it actually had a broader application and. That's a good way. I think at for an artist to just writ large to think about their work. You begin with the specific and you all you have is your own personal experience in your own imagination to work with. But if you're doing your job well. You hit these broader ideas through that performances. They'd natural so then. The question is all right with this one. What are these broader ideas that he is. I think he knows that because of the way he knows people are going to read it. He has to filter it through his own personal biography his own personal and it helps that he is a kind of cultural guinea pig. He was like he did grow up on. Social media are in this sort of cass case of a comic who didn't develop through going to clubs and i think the benefits of this and this is i think again i'll the pivot. This is that i always thought about bo burnham for years that one day he was gonna make a massive hit broadway musical like the south park guys did and i thought rightly. I think that scott rudin was gonna be the one to produce produced his movie. Well it's not it's got ruins not to produce that but it just seemed obvious to me if you watch his work not only the fact that he has the shop. He can write lyrics musical but also the traditional musical. The point where you move from talking to singing is the point when you hit this high emotional pitch. That's the reason you start singing. I always felt that both speaks about emotional language. What i think he's done with the special is make a musical. We didn't realize we're going to do it by himself. In a room but structurally it's like a Musical like book of mormon alike spam a lot. It's leaning on the personal history as knows about but is much more narrative sophisticated and musically. I think a comp. It's not like it's not even sunday but it's more so than his last. Few specials have been. I i when i watch it. I was like was that. Like almost no breaks between songs and i re-watch and realize there's a lot of like him talking and doing bits between but it felt like it was just song into song into song with like little breaths in between like hamilton or some What is it. Sink through or something. It's called it. isn't that. But i totally see reading as a broadway show of it and i would love to see bowe broadway show. There's also like a lot of puttering set yet like music. I mean welcome to the internet is cabaret yes. Clearly cavero did just recently see the does. He has a song from two thousand nine called. Welcome to youtube which you can find on youtube where katy perry is sitting on top of his piano which is very similar to welcome to the internet but anyways the i mean the character he's playing is like the cabaret and the first by when he says welcome. That's a musical theater that that but then what you're saying the as that line little bit of everything all the time. And that's what he's offering dastardly character and to give them a little bit dangerous cabarets about the holocaust the decadence of weimar germany. He's comparing that to the internet relationship to him. There is bet glibness which he's always twang with in a very software way interest. You in everything. All the i bid of everything all of a tragedy. Boredom is wrong all the time. Could i interest you in everything. Everything talk everything. Anything and everything and.

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