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Union formerly American Eagle credit union their new name says it all together credit union was bound to seventy open at one seventy can after being closed over the noon hour because of a shooting that left three people wounded he's what police say it was a targeted attack the victims two men and a woman are expected to could recover they say the shooter was in a black Ford SUV may be an escape or explore the former owner of south Saint Louis is dojo pizza has been sentenced to sixty five years in prison for child **** and such crimes involving minors fifty year old Lauren cop was also ordered to pay nearly three hundred thousand dollars in restitution when he was sentenced in federal court today cop was found guilty on eight counts of child sexual exploitation and enticement involving for victims witnesses testified he raped two girls he had custody of several times a week a decades old cold case filed in Franklin County body of Carla Jean del core was first found in nineteen eighty seven along a wooded service road near Saint Clair Missouri while investigators believe she'd been strangled four days earlier near her home in union and even interview potential suspects there whatever the charges filed the case languished until twenty eighteen when Franklin County cold case detectives decided to give it another look they went to Texas Arizona and various spots in Missouri to check back with potential witnesses and zeroed in on sixty four year old Kirby king of gray summit who was arrested Monday and charged with second degree murder Franklin County sheriff says well technology usually helps with cold cases it's typically witness testimony that provides the big break Michael Calhoun St Louis's news ready okay marks world wide technology race way is buying gateway national golf links the golf course and club house next to the speedway Walters golf management will continue to operate the Gulf facility it will see no changes in operations Raceway owner Curtis France wants says bringing the two properties together makes great sense came watch news time is two oh two The New York Times obtained video of navy seals describing their platoon chief special operations chief petty Gallagher and highly negative terms and accusing him of war crimes according to the times of videos were part of a trove of navy investigative materials related to Gallagher's prosecution on war crimes charges CBS news national security correspondent David Martin notes of the videos are unusual because of the navy seals well known code of silence is see this code of silence of broken and broken in a way that is aimed at taking down the the man who was the chief enlisted petty officer in that platoon is is extremely rare the US military says the US special forces soldier who died in Afghanistan this week was seizing a Taliban weapons cache when he was killed a spokesman says sergeant first class Michael goalball was clearing out the weapons discovered in condos province when an explosion happened the US is disputing Taliban claims the service members were in a convoy targeted by a roadside bomb from the Jefferson bank and trust business desk votes wagon stepping up its electric car production the German automaker says it will reach its goal of a million eight cars a year by the end of twenty twenty three that's two years earlier than planned the Dow from Stiefel up fifty four point checking the roadways there's a report of a stolen vehicle on west bound seventy past Madison this is blocking the left lane so downtown if you're heading out on westbound I. seventy beginner Madison look out for that on the left lane a few other styles around town but they are all on.

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