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Even if you have an chicken feet, I did south on doing solar the right way. Check them out at Arcadia energy dot green Abbasi crime scene. At Woodward park after the body of a woman was discovered this morning. Around ten AM, please say, she does not appear to be homeless and died from a gunshot wound the woman was found at the amphitheater. Detectives are conducting an investigation in the park on Friday road in north Fresno. In south Fresno, a passer-by pulls a man out of a canal police say the man's rescue or saw him in the water near McKinley and chestnut. He was taken to the hospital after he was pulled out of the water. His condition is unknown atop high-speed rail. Official is in hot water after complaint from state assemblyman triggers, an ethics investigation KM, Jay's political correspondent Clint Olivia explains. A state watchdog agencies investigating a consultant on the California bullet train project for approving a multimillion dollar change order benefiting a company in which he had a big financial interest. He's been suspended because of the probe are spending billions and all we get our delays and slow speed rail. Something inside is really wrong. Assemblyman, Jim Patterson asked the fair. Political practices commission to launch the investigation into ROY hills, actions and holdings hill is the deputy chief operating officer for the high speed rail authority and a senior executive at the lead consulting firm, WSB hill signed off on a fifty one million dollar change order for a construction team led by the Spanish company Dragados. It happened in the same year. He may have owned more than one hundred thousand dollars worth of stock in another engineering company, which is part of Dragos. This is such a deep conflict at it calls into question whether or not the entire high speed rail authority and the contractors. They put together are involved in a massive corruption. Clint olivier. Cam J news. Fresno unified superintendent will be holding a press conference this afternoon to address a social media post made by a Bullard high school student came J will not identify the girl, because she is a minor to clips from Snapchat show. The fourteen year old black face and saying, the N word reportedly amongst friends in a post on Facebook on Saturday. Superintendent Bob Nelson. Called what she did racial insensitivity and said the student would be held accountable as the video went viral. Many adults on social media were making threats to harm the girl. The California poultry industry is a multibillion dollar business, but few consumers really understand anything about it came Jays director, Dan Yorke has more. A new survey availed by the national chicken council shows most consumers know very little about the environmental impact of the chicken industry. One of the goals is to find out how much consumers understand sustainable food practices as relates to broiler chicken production. It's an industry that the national chicken council says maintains, well the lowest environmental footprints in animal agriculture according to survey results, only half of the people surveyed or moderately knowledgeable about chickens impact on the environment chickens rank as one of California's top commodities, this report is sponsored by be a SF. We create chemistry Don York, KM J news. On Wall Street, the Dow is currently up for. Four hundred forty one points at twenty five to sixty two it's twelve three a k m j valley weather right now. Sunny, eighty nine at Radio City, sunny and hot today. High of ninety eight mainly clear and warm overnight low of seventy three and then scorching sun tomorrow, a high.

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