President Trump, White House, California discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


K way. News radio time is 6 16 our top stories on Colorado's morning news not out of the woods. Yet. That's how medical professionals air describing the president's prognosis. Despite his released from the hospital. Many patients that myself my colleagues have seen have a stable course for the first several days after getting the virus and then around day five or seven can have AH, decline in their condition after Shawshank. Ravi is the assistant director of Stanford's Emergency department. So howare staffers at the White House feeling about the outbreak of covert 19 cases of late ABC is Elizabeth Schultz says. They're anxious, and some are fearful in total 18. People who are around the White House and President Trump now have Cove in 19, among them, press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany, who briefed reporters as recently as Sunday without wearing a mask. Meantime, the president says he'll be ready to debate Joe Biden in Miami next week had set for October 15th, but date could change. Based on the president's quarantine situation. The mayor of D. C wants contact tracing info from the White House after last week's Rose Garden event that led to that outbreak of Cove in 19 Mayor Muriel Bowser says she's reached out to the White House. But so far no response. We would assume because we don't know our close contacts happened at these various events that people who were exposed at those events get tested, she says. There isn't much he can do to force the White House. Just to give them contact Tracing information. California is fighting the president's claims that mail and voting is not safe. Here is the secretary of state Alex Vidia, Despite where the attacks against vote by mail or how California conduct selections come from voters can trust the integrity of elections in the state of California because of the pandemic, California's offering far fewer in person polling places. Colorado's covert 19 exposure notification. APP is hitting a stumbling block on its way to release the state has delayed the launch while officials work with Apple and Google to make sure the software is working and in line with state guidelines. The APP is expected to notify people if they've come in close contact with somebody who's sick with Corona virus coming up, we'll get the latest on the president's condition and prognosis is he continues to fight Corona virus that live in an interview at 6 24, but first Traffic.

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