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York Yankees calling himself. Of course, surpassing Lou Brock and calling himself. The greatest of all time later in that day though Nolan. Ryan says not so fast Ricky because Texas Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan pitches a record seventh. No hitter later in the day. What a great day in baseball history. Right there the exciting Ricky Henderson and then also Nolan Ryan doing what he does. Two of the all time greats and speaking of baseball in the state in nineteen Ninety-two, the LA dodgers postponed, the first of three major league baseball games due to the racial riots. Over the Rodney King beating that was on this date in nineteen ninety. You know, it almost seems like that was yesterday. But can you believe it's now been twenty seven years since that happened? And then also on this date in nineteen ninety nine the animated series SpongeBob squarepants created by Steven hill. And Berg debuts on Nickelodeon still on there and still drawing numbers going strong to this date. So can you believe it has been twenty years since that took place in that is this date in history? May the first and we're here we are in twenty nineteen and looking back on some of the biggest dates. All right. We've looked at some big dates. Let's talk about some big numbers. You know, this weekend the avengers in game movie drawing about what one point two billion in just the opening weekend worldwide, we had three hundred fifty million with a domestic opening so they're making Bank at the box office. And a lot of the stars are still making a ton of money as well. It would maybe maybe surprise you just a little bit. You know, you were called Tom Cruise. Jim Carey even twenty years ago in fifteen years ago Will Smith making major money for their movies, you know, twenty between twenty and thirty million. Well, now, we're starting to see a bit of a trend will. Yes, there's still a lot of folks making Bank. But you're seeing some of these bankable stars take a little bit less to help. Some of these projects either get off the ground or to work with other stars that they would like to work with some of these numbers may under well a little bit. Although it's a lifetime money to you. And me here's some of the numbers that we're we're seeing now. Out there regarding the celebrities course, walking Phoenix has been around for years to play joker. That's coming up Tober fourth. He's gonna make four and a half million dollars Martin Lawrence Martin remember his show. I love that show, and of course, bad boys, and he's been so many other movies too. Well, he's going to get back with Will Smith for bad boys for life. That's going to be a Sony picture coming out in January. He has signed on for six million dollars. He is which which you know, he was making probably double that back in the day. But to get this off the ground six main, and we'll talk about will Smith's payday coming up in just a minute as well. Kristen Stewart she's going to be in Charlie's angels that comes out in November seven million dollars. Ben Affleck who seemed to be everywhere. He's in triple frontier that's underway. Now, he's banking eight million from net. Flicks. Idris Elba who I think should still be the next bond. And by the way, do you know, he he's DJ in it coach. Chella? Do you know that he's he he ages as well? Just a great guy coming up this summer. Fast and furious presents Hobson Shaw, he'll be in that in August. He's going to Bank eight million dollars. That's pretty good pay day for yourselves Margot Robbie for birds of prey that comes out next year. She's going to be getting between nine and ten million. Leonardo Di Caprio you'd think he'd be making a ton of money. He's going to be in once upon a time in Hollywood this summer, he pulls in ten million same as gal Gadot for wonder woman. Same. As Brad Pitt in once upon a time in Hollywood and Emily blunt. She's married to John Christine ski she was the one he was the one that played Jim helper in the office, but she is an actress and accomplished actress in her own, right? She'll be in a quiet place to with her husband that pulls between twelve and thirteen million in for Emily. She'll be doing well. And of course, Tom Cruise. He's back in top gun maverick that comes out next summer, not this summer, but in twenty twenty he's going to be pulling in somewhere between twelve and fourteen million for his role, which you would think. He'd be closer to twenty. But these numbers are a little bit more well relatively modest twelve million still. I mean, that's that's that's good money. Jason stadium will be back in fast and furious. Hobson shaw. Of course, you know, he's been in so many of these and he's a bankable star. He'll pull in thirteen million Will Smith we mentioned that Martin Lawrence is going to get six million for bad boys for life Will Smith will be back in that in January. He's gonna get seventeen million dollars for his role in the end, rightfully so we'll Smith one of the most bankable in Hollywood, Robert Downey junior. The the voyage of Dr Doolittle and also Dwayne Johnson for fast and furious. They'll both be pulling down twenty million dollars a piece for those movies. And then last but not least Ryan Reynolds who seems to be the biggest star right now on -mongst them all for six underground. That's a Netflix show released. They to be determined that flexes paying him twenty seven million dollars. We've seen a few of these studios in their paramount universal, but Netflix now easing their way in to being able to pay top dollar for some of these stars. That is a lot of money. Memphis morning news at seven forty two taking a look at the roadways..

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