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Years deployed nine times seven nine times. It was for combat. Yes, sir. And now you're here. You don't call me, sir. I work for a living before. Two questions number one is a coup for me to say separate fires. Should you? Just be Verena when you say separate fi. No, no. You can say you say it number two. Would you got to Paris island? And he started getting off the bus be honest. Did you start second guessing your decision and wondering what you've done, absolutely? It was in the middle of the night. And you don't realize that it's your right on the main road. So you could have really walked off the base, but they don't let you in on that kind of drive you around get you lost. I want to jump into a story that we all are familiar with. It was a national story. Heck, I remember Bobby Knight was commenting on it that he was remember when this Jessica Lynch got captured. He was saying he heard that she had unloaded her entire. She had no ammo left. Oh, I'm sorry. We're gonna get we're gonna bring we were supposed to bring lait Santa. We jumped right into it lands. Oh, great idea soccer city. I think it's a great idea to jump into that story. It's an incredible story. But you gotta understand just to kind of set the framework perspective is that an out at UPS. I was a supervisor out there. Head of crew voices. Twenty four twenty five years old finishing up my college, and then Brian came and he was like nineteen years old. And he was this kid had all kinds of energy was just nuts. I wanted to bring his neck, and I wanted to give him a high five at the same time all the time. Right. They came to me one night. And he said. I'm going to go in the marines. I said, no, don't go to the rain. I like you right. We're combat. We're in a war. What do you want to go fight for the marines? What what are you talking about? You. You get killed. I mean, genuinely I was very concerned that. Yeah. Yeah. He goes into the marines. And and I didn't ever really reconnect with him again until just a few months ago because I had tried to keep up with them. But when you live in all over the world, which was and moving in state twenty two years in the Marine Corps. It was very difficult to kind of keep that contact. We finally were able to reconnect, but but then one day I'm looking in the paper, it's like two thousand three or whatever. And I'm reading you back, then we still had the news newspaper. Right. But I'm reading about this. Jessica Lynch story. And I learned that Brian was he'll tell you all about the details about what he was involved with their. But it blew my mom like this. Brian Cox that was his nineteen year old kid now, you know, some eight or nine years later, he's warrior. Yeah. And so I just find that he tells very fascinating is pretty amazing. Appreciate you bringing them to us. Yeah. Let's let's talk about that two thousand and three. I believe there's eleven POW's taking her position was overrun is that accurate. Nobody really knows. I I don't know what happened that got him Catholic. Okay. Gotcha. Okay. I don't know. But I'll leave Levin the rest of them or killed brutally. So our grief. We got there was eleven total. She was the only one that was left alive. They took the rest of them. They beheaded them de headed. They were all service all all they were all part of the same convoy gosh. And and they they buried them in the shallow graves outside of Nasiriyah. We launched off the boat the USS boxer flew to an airport called. I think it was Talil. I mean that's been fifteen sixteen years now pretty positive. It was Talil. We had we had helicopters C H Fifty-three with three of them. We had C H Forty-six frogs. We had UH sixty Blackhawks OH fifty eight little birds. Delta force navy seals Harrier jets marine ground forces. It was a total joint operation. Wait a minute. You knew where she was. They had got the Intel that she was in the hospital. Okay. So we we go to this airbase this Toledo airport, and we'd go to this like hasty put together brief. Okay, right. We're going to get this. We're going to get her. Yeah. We're going to go. Get her. There was a diversionary attack on this side of the town to kind of draw their forces that way, we came in this way, I had Rangers and the digging team on my helicopter. Okay. You're saying digging team because you were taking bodies back. They were they were bringing them home. Yep. So we go in with drop. Everybody off we high tailed it out of there, we go back to Toledo and wait for them to do their work. The fifty eight were able to land on the hospital with delta force who actually went in and put hands on her and got her out. And then we went back to pick up the rest of the troops. So my helicopters, basically, heavy lift troop transport and heavy lift its largest helicopter in the US military. And she she if I recollect she was a mess. I'm sure she still is. Yes. She was a physical mess. I thought she had broken bones. Yep. Gunshot wounds heal leg that when she got to her. She was she is a was a wreck. So you win the delta forces the one that actually hands on with her is that what you said. Okay. So. So then we went back in to pick. Everybody up. And then and then got out of there. Probably the biggest thing that stands out to me is on exiting the landing zone that time between me and the helicopter in front of in front of me and RPG right in between us. We were, you know, fifty sixty yards apart not very far. And you see this blazing firework. Factor. If that hits you you're done or all those things pretty tough kind of depends on where where hits. Yeah. Yeah. And the only reason I know that is because we had a plane get hit by one in Afghanistan in two thousand ten eleven and they were actually able to fly the helicopter back it suffered damage, but it hit read into the wheel. Well, anyway. So yeah, this big fireworks goes in between us and. You know, we get low and fast and get out of there. And there's power lines that you have to be aware of. And you're on night vision goggles, it's dark. It's dusty. It's crazy. It's crazy. Like, you don't. Yes. Two thousand and three. So I was twenty eight. And. You know, we get back, and we find out that she had been rescued. I think there was one ground troop that either sprained his ankle or broke his ankle or something kinda minor in the grand scheme of things that was the only casualty that we took as a joint force. So I think that was a real turning point in that operation Iraqi freedom for that early into it was to go in and execute something lawless is that pretty much and get her out. I know that that was it was just a huge huge story nationwide. So you're over there, you don't know. But everyone in this room knew it, right? Everybody knew about Jessica Lynch. It was a huge lead story for a long time. And the fact that you all went in there and got her out was so over. Well, everyone was we didn't know her. But we knew that that that was a success, and they went and got her was just almost emotional for people. It was really cool. It was when we got back to the ship. I remember standing in line because we were just hoping to make it back for breakfast. Because you only got certain time to eat. So. Which are Fiji almost hit. You you're thinking I'm not going to get my best. Yeah. And it's pretty funny. I got a lot of friends and family that are listening. Now, they'll probably won't argue with the fact that I when it's time to eat. I eat champion. But we're standing in line, and they they were showing something on the closed caption TV on the ship. And there's a sailor Senate lamb before me. And like, I still had my gear on my flight here. Like, we literally shut the planes down in random domestic right? And he was like did was that you guys. And I was like, yeah. And he, bro. Go ahead of me. Right. You guys are Rockstars like. You know, you really don't realize how big it's going to turn out at that time. I was still kind of in a daze about what just happened like, you, it it happens so quickly you really don't know. Yeah. You know, I kind of think back to like all these days in Yuma. Arizona in twenty nine palms, California and Camp Pendleton where we would take the helicopter out every night and just practice landing in the dirt five this way, five that way, change lead five this way five highway, and it was so boring. And I just hated it. But when you go and do it for real it really makes sense like, oh, wow, we trained. So it says it's a muscle memory thing. You gotta do exactly what you were trained, and I guess did it and it works, okay? Yeah. When I again, I don't know if the movies are accurate, but I watched the zero dark thirty and on the way out will they all said, they didn't think they were coming back. They thought for sure there's it's going to be booby-trapped, and they're going to blow us all up. So they figured we're we're not coming back. But the seeing that got me was there midway through and he goes flying out there. And he goes who's been in the Hilo crash in every single person in the helicopter race says we've been here before let's go, and it's amazing. How many times those things fall out of the sky too? Yeah. Yeah. You know? Between mechanical, you know, human error and just sheer bad luck. You know, stuff happens. And then when you when you add that with flying in a place where you are not familiar with and it's dark, and I you know, they don't have streetlights everywhere. Like we do. I mean, it's dark. It's dark dark. And then you add the dust and just the sheer fact that you know. Anybody? I think that would ever tell you that you know, they did this and did that and they weren't scared is full of it. I'm glad you edited yourself on that talking to Brian Cox targetted, Brian Cox. Yeah, we're going to take a short break. But not you're going to think when we come back. You're going to tell us why you did nine nine tours. Nine. Seven of them involving combat talked with Brian Cox, Marine Corps. Oh, by the way, you were the the enlisted. How do I say this two thousand three enlisted airman a year enlisted aircrew crewmen of the aircrew here? Are you go when we come back more from marine, Brian Cox? But first let me tell you about up in smoke. Everyone has their favorite up in smoke store. They're all over the city Louisville. You got one by your neighborhood, go by their why that's where Louisville gets their CBD oil. It's mine. I take it every night. How 'bout that? 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