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My extra point uh has to is both uh a little piece of news and a little program promo code uh the walter camp football foundation announced it's five finalists for the player of the year award today there are no surprises the five finalists alphabetically arce kwan barkley of penn state lamar jackson of lowerlevel brice love of stanford baker mayfield of oklahoma in rashad penny of san diego state uh which is just a precursor the in a reminder that next week as haisman week and on monday next week rhyme again i have a special podcast commemorating looking back at the 1997 haisman race among charles woodson of michigan peyton manning of tennessee ryan leaf of washington state and randy moss of marshall pretty good cast of characters we have a interviews with charles woodson in randy moss and it's a it's a fun look back at a memorable haisman race it will be posted monday to kick off haisman week that's it for today's show thanks for joining us thank you peter and brad in of course josh maccari our producer we will be back tomorrow with another campus conversation until then beano what are you have reporter by gap for listening to campus conversation you can listen and subscribe to all espn podcast in the listen tahbub the espn app including the herb street and fitzsimmons podcast available in the esp an app.

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