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The nice did you buy a print the wolf? Yeah. No, the wolf Carol Carol got the card. That's a nice car and some wine. Oh, yeah. Care will give you some love like that. I'm looking at it, Jenny. Also looking at a card that are. Our skills development champion, Kristen Hudson created who was also an amazing artist. And it's a wolf heart wolf, it's white FANG. That's actually a real thick design blocking off not. But anyway, I actually didn't know until this moment that Kristen drew that. Yeah. That's Kristen Hudson. And no fucking clue. Yeah. That's her. And I don't know if it says it on there anywhere. Does it say? Mistake or something it does very fine print in the back because Christians not very well. She's doesn't love self promotion at all. So Kristen you should do more self promotion. I know that's going to take some practice though. It's a Kate. Hudson baller. True story. It does say happy little mistake. Happy little mistake is her Instagram. You should definitely follow it because aside from skills development. And if you listen to her on the one in one's episodes if you will weeks back, you'll get a little comprehensive view of one of our leaders. I wonder if this was watercolor. She does I'm I don't want her call her beak for her. She does a lot of different things. Did she has wood-burning? She does would. I think you might be right with that. I don't know. I. Yeah. I don't remember either. 'cause it's all on her. It's on our Instagram and she'll do little videos of her working on it up. We're working on it for. You. I love these berries. They look like coffee cherries. But yet they're blue yet. They're blue barriers. Maybe I think it's probably Nightshade because she loves the juxtaposition life. Oh, wow. Oh, well, she does. She thinks the beautiful thing really talked about it in. Our little one podcast is like, you know, what I can see that. I didn't listen to that one. Yet. I've been sleeping on that one for we talked about it though. Because it's a hot episode is this twice we talked about it. Did we flew into that two weeks back or something? Yeah. I mentioned that some people on staff telling me that it was hot right because she broke she broke character two and a half. I didn't dive in yet divan. Welcome in the new year mother. Fuck here's here's how you get your year. Started off right? Tell me you read some fucking books. That's true. You read books hundred percent you read books that. You haven't read before you do things that you haven't done before you get brainwaves going that haven't fired together before you, get new ideas. Guess you get excited about old ideas? WS? That's it. You move forward. We're going to talk about some of our favorite books that helped us last year. And maybe some new ones that we're going to read this year and possibly how you can apply. Those to your life to be radical thing. That's about that's about. Right. I mean, it's the start of the year. We're trying to set you up for some successes because we all know that New Year's resolutions are a load. They don't work at all. So why would you start with one? Unless it's I mean, I don't believe in them. I'm not into him. I don't think my thoughts are if something was really important to you. You probably would. Have done it already. Right. And if you're actually going to dive headfirst into something you. The New Year's is a relevant. You would have done it either way. Right. Gosh, it is. It does provide this interesting point of reflection to kind of recap and take a moment out and look and evaluate like, what is been working and what hasn't been working. So I spent a lot of time past couple of weeks dissecting the survey that I sent to Alex in Carol which was about like twenty eighteen recap covered some of the stuff like highest highs of two thousand eighteen lows lows things we could have done better house..

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